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The feds subsidized
the OKC bombing



One of the more obscure facts about the bombing in Oklahoma City is that Timothy McVeigh was able to obtain the materials for his bomb thanks to an illegal loan from the Ministry of Agriculture. In fact, this is the only place you are ever likely to read or hear the story; our totally incurious "mainstream" press will undoubtedly never reveal it.

Terry Nichols, McVeigh's co-conspirator (according to the secret police and the courts), took out a farm operating loan from the Farm Service Agency, ostensibly for the purchase of necessities for planting, raising, and harvesting a crop — which, of course, would include diesel oil and fertilizer, the ingredients of the bomb. According to reliable sources, Nichols's loan application was found not to qualify under statute — but he got it anyway! It would be risky to provide further specifics on this matter because the official who proceeded to approve the loan is not a "public figure" for purposes of libel law — yet.

[Though it is hard cheese for TLD to obfuscate one of the few scoops it will ever have, it should surprise no one to learn that WTM Enterprises does not have a team of billion-dollar politically connected cutthroat lawyers standing by. — Nicholas Strakon]

But it is a big scandal. Except that it isn't, 1) because nobody important outside the Ministry knows about it, and 2) because it's not unique. Take it and multiply it by a factor of several thousand, and you get an idea of the way the United State actually works. Such things happen literally all the time in the labyrinths of the ministries of the Regime. Billions of dollars stolen fair and square by the IRS are diverted every year to purposes for which they were not formally intended under the "law." So it's inaccurate to say that this particular scandal was covered up. If the Washington press corps were interested — which it is not except when it needs to polish its "investigative reporting" image using carefully-chosen issues — it couldn't hope to report a fraction of the similar goings-on, even if it devoted all its time and resources to the effort.

I was reminded of the Nichols mess by a news story that appeared recently on ABC News, which filled out some news that broke soon after September 11 revealing that the same USDA agency was hit up by another terrorist for funds. He wasn't so lucky, partly owing to the fact that he didn't have any friends in the right place, and partly because he was so comically inept that he might as well have worn a clown suit. According to the official who dealt with him, he dropped veiled threats about terrorism and tried to buy an aerial photograph of the Mall in the Imperial City that he spotted hanging on the office wall.

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