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Editorial services

Thornwalker not only publishes the TLD website but also offers editorial services for clients. Thornwalker provides editorial services for periodicals, books, and websites, specializing in free-market libertarian materials.

Thornwalker has no tolerance for misspellings, bad grammar, or incorrect usage in texts #&151; especially in the texts of websites. We like to read sentences fueled by decisive verbs, sentences unafraid of pronouns, and sentences with accurate prepositions. Sentences vandalizing comprise and transpire are sentenced to corrective institutions, whence they emerge having paid their debt to society and prepared to live out their natural lives as productive citizens of the English-speaking world.

We specialize in websites whose content is unencumbered by frills. Websites requiring intelligent clarity to reflect well on the businesses operating them need the love and attention Thornwalker will shower on them.

Broken links are anathema to Thornwalker. We check all links on active websites we manage frequently so that no reader ever suffers the frustration of unproductive link-clicking. When the original link is lost, we search for suitable substitutes or note the loss in the text. I also maintain a watch on grammatical and word-usage Brambles and Thorns. If you think that honing in on a problem means that you get closer to a solution, you need to hone your language skills. In short, Thornwalker promises to be Annie Sullivan to your website’s Helen Keller.

N.B.: Most sites I visit are in need of a text editor and proofreader.

I have been a hard-copy and website content editor for thirty years.

Interested? Please e-mail me at lastditch@thornwalker.com.