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WTM Enterprises
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WTM Enterprises not only publishes the TLD Website but also offers editorial services for clients. WTME is my sole proprietorship, and I work on its projects using my real name, Tom McPherren. Naturally I specialize in projects for libertarian and friendly paleoconservative clients, but I'm also quite willing to take a look at projects with no explicit ideological content.

• My hourly rate is $22. As a rule, I'm able to electronically edit and format an average-length column (600-900 words) in one hour.

• My flat rate for book-jacket blurb copy is $350 plus one complimentary copy of the book once published.

• For more extensive projects (editing books, for example) I negotiate flat rates, with deadlines, advances, and interim payments.

• I am also available as a Website text editor — though not as a designer, manager, or Webmaster. I have a working knowledge of HTML (willy nilly, I am the sole designer and Webmaster of the TLD site) and am skilled in formatting text in HTML, but I do not pretend to possess expertise in the "bells and whistles" of that language.

N.B.: Most sites I visit are in need of a text editor and proofreader.

I am now restricting myself to onscreen, "electronic" editing, which in any case is cheaper for the client than old-style "paper" editing. (In fact most of today's publishers expect to receive manuscripts on disk, not in typescript.)

I am a veteran of the news desks of two Indiana daily newspapers — the Muncie Star (32,000 daily circ.) and the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (65,000 daily circ.).

From 1994 through 1998, I edited and published the print version of Dispatches from The Last Ditch. I solicited, accepted, or rejected articles; wrote the vast majority of the titles; and served as the sole text editor (except, of course, with respect to my own writings). In addition, I worked as TLD's sole makeup editor, using a desktop-publishing program, and I shared proofing duties with my paid proofreader.

I have edited and published the TLD Website since 1996. Although I would never recommend this practice, I have had to serve as the proofreader of my own columns, Strakon Lights Up, and while I've failed to attain zero defects (that's practically impossible when you're looking at your own stuff), I can say that my columns end up much cleaner from a proofing standpoint than most of the writing I find on the Web.

I have also worked as an editor for Griffin Internet Syndicate, owned and operated by Joe Sobran's publisher, Fran Griffin. I edited the columns of GIS writers other than Mr. Sobran and edited a book by Mr. Sobran himself — Hustler: The Clinton Legacy (Vienna, Va.: Griffin Communications, 2000), as well as a "minibook" by him, Anything Called a Program Is Unconstitutional: Confessions of a Reactionary Utopian (Vienna, Va.: Griffin Communications, 2001). Moreover, I wrote the jacket copy for Hustler, as well as for Sheldon Richman's Tethered Citizens: Time to Repeal the Welfare State (Future of Freedom Foundation, 2001).

In 2000 I performed an extensive fact-checking and proofreading run on a long book, replete with citations, that upon publication garnered favorable attention in the non-state school community. The book's sponsors expressed gratitude that I had saved the author from many embarrassing errors (and they accompanied that kudos with a healthy paycheck).

Interested? Please e-mail me at strakon@thornwalker.com.

Tom McPherren
("Nicholas Strakon")