Friends of St. Paphnutius
“Thou who didst create me, have mercy on me.”

From the time I first understood what Communism was, I have hated it. It was not just that I hated the ideas and philosophy that underpinned the Communist regimes, but that I hated what I understood it was doing to the people oppressed by those regimes.

For years I believed that if only Communism and its evil regimes could be brought down, the people who lived under them would at last be free and could live normal lives.

Alas, when the surprise of the century occurred in 1989, and the European Communist regimes did fall, I quickly saw that Communism had even worse consequences than I had understood. Not only had it oppressed millions, causing misery and death in numbers that can stagger an astronomer’s imagination, but apparently it had rendered the survivors incapable of living without it.

The result was that most of the regimes were quickly taken over by the only people who understood how to run things: the former Party members and criminals. The result — particularly in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorus, and Moldova — was a series of governments characterized not only by government intervention on all sides, but also by widespread corruption.

One of the less-publicized consequences is that in those countries, it is very difficult for young women to find work. It has often been the case that when work is scarce and living tenuous, men will resort to drink. Or, in this modern age, video games. However, in all ages, women will do whatever is necessary for survival. And they always have at least one marketable commodity.

Thus it is that in those countries, the women trapped in them have turned in remarkable numbers to prostitution, strip dancing, and pornography. And to a new blight on the Internet: cam modeling. While government and intergovernment agencies throughout the world have devoted some focus on sex trafficking, for the most part they have left unaddressed the legal and semi-legal sex slavery into which so many young women have fallen. Their plight is the sadder when you realize how lonely they must be: they cannot tell their parents or friends how they make a living. Every day when they go to work, they will be living a lie and hoping that no one they know will see them enter their studios. They live in terror that someday someone will expose them to their family.

Further magnifying their tragedy is that they are often the sole or main support for the father whose heart would be broken if he learned the truth, and for the younger sisters or brothers who look up to them.

It is not often that we men of the West can actually do much to help those of our race. On any given weekend, countless conferences and meetings will be held to address the question of how to help this minority or that one. But prepare for disappointment if you attempt to find anything similar for white people. And when you do, you can be sure it will be an organization that has been or will be slandered as a hate group.

At the risk of my site’s being branded a hate site, I invite my readers to join with me in a kind of virtual league of men who will pray for the well-being and eventual escape of these our sisters, so that they can find gainful and respectable employment and lead normal lives; for the encouragement of those who have escaped, lest they return; and especially for those who wish to leave, but fear the loss of income.

If anyone has other ideas for how these girls and women can be helped, please write to me. I will be delighted to post your ideas here and maintain your anonymity, if you desire.

In my prayers, there are particular saints whose help I invoke and implore. Feel free to join me.

St. Thaïs of Egypt
“Thou who didst create me, have mercy on me.”


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