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The Shakespeare Library

Articles and columns by Joe dealing with works attributed to William Shakespeare and to the authorship question. The titles listed at the beginning of this page appeared originally as columns or in his newsletter.

Off-site articles

Several columns and articles on Shakespeare were listed on, but were off-site. The links on the archived site no longer work because the target sites have been revised. They are listed below with current links. Also included in this list are columns Joe wrote after ceased to be active.

Bard Thou Never Wert
Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation, April 27, 2010. A review of James Shapiro’s Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?

Bible Holds Proof of Shakespeare's Identity
A Universal Press column, from July 1993.

The End of Stratfordianism
Another reply to Alan Nelson; not identical to How Old Was Oxford’s Daughter, and When Did William Lose His Hair? listed on the Shakesepare Library. Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter, Spring 2000.

The Problem of “The Funeral Elegy”
A Holmes pastiche. Original source unknown.

Shake-speare’s Sonnets Are Stratfordians’ Achilles’ Heel
Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter, Spring 1998.

“Shakespeare” Revealed in Oxford’s Poetry
De Vere Society Newsletter, January 1996.

Shakespeare’s Disgrace
Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter, Spring 1997.

Related materials:

  • Review of Alias Shakespeare
    John Mucci, The Elizabethan Review.
  • An account of Joe’s appearance at Boston College in October of 1997.
  • The Case for Oxford 
    Tom Bethell, The Atlantic Monthly, October 1991.
  • Reply by Matus 
    Irvin Matus, a reply to Bethell; The Atlantic Monthly, October 1991.
  • The Shakespeare Dispute: Bethell Replies 
    Tom Bethell, a reply to Matus; The Atlantic Monthly, October 1991.
  • Recent Developments in the Case for Oxford as Shakespeare 
    Peter E. Moore, a paper presented to the 20th Annual Conference of the Shakespeare Oxford Society (October 10–13, 1996)
    Be sure to visit the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation for other columns and articles by Joe and to purchase books by him. The Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation holds the copyright on all columns and articles originally published in Joe’s newsletter.

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