Wright from Washington City
June 10, 2020


The bonfire of America


THINGS ARE GETTING OUT OF HAND NOW. For instance: I know that Silicon Valley monopolists have been politically censoring content for a good while, but now it's getting scary.

You may have heard of the black man in a Michigan nursing home named Jadon Hayden. He apparently beat up elderly white patients and recorded the beatings for fun. Take a look at the link, but don't bother clicking on the video links on the site, because they don't work. In fact, if you want to see the video online, you have to play a game of hide and seek on YouTube and Twitter, because those worthy public services apparently take it down as soon as someone puts it up.

I managed to download a new YouTube posting of the video of Hayden beating an elderly man before it was taken off for the umpteenth time. But another video of him doing the same to an old woman can't be had anywhere for love or money. You can find plenty of videos about black people getting beaten, though.

Some initial reports indicated that Hayden was an employee of the nursing home. The truth is apparently even stranger. He was actually a patient who had mental health issues and was diagnosed with COVID-19. So, of course, the Authorities put him in a nursing home filled with vulnerable elderly patients because, well, why not?

Reports by the mainstream news media also didn't include the beating footage, and, in addition, didn't reveal Hayden's name. However, they obviously knew his identity, because, as this video shows, they knew who his family is. It took some research by private citizens to reveal it to the public.

That little drama played out against the backdrop of the George Floyd riots, which occurred in scores of cities across the country, and which the Authorities seemed strangely reluctant to do anything about. State Gauleiters refused to call out the National Guard while rioters and looters destroyed swathes of real estate. In New York City, police seemed unable to stop widespread destruction and looting, while the mayor refused to criticize his daughter caught taking part in the mayhem.

Jacob Frey, the mayor of Minneapolis, where the trouble began, didn't do much to stop the destruction of his city or to protect his residents as the rioters ran wild, but he did put on a great performance sobbing in front of Floyd's casket. Later he gave an interview to the New York Times which stepped gingerly around the issue of the riots with a carefully worded evasion of responsibility ("Every single day, I feel the weight of responsibility on my chest. I am the mayor. And at the end of the day, yes, I am a responsible party.") while concentrating on the really important issue:

Now at the center of a global conversation, Mr. Frey is focused on alchemizing this moment into positive change.

"If there's a moral ending to what's happened, it can only end in one way — which is first justice for George Floyd, in the form of a full charge and then conviction. But moreover, it needs to end in true change," he said, speaking of policing reform.

On June 5, the Minneapolis city council voted unanimously on a "police reform" measure to ban chokeholds, which is all well and good. But if you're a resident or property owner of the city and are looking for actual protection against rioters, you're apparently out of luck. In fact, in a lot of places around the country, the new trend is releasing violent criminals from prison. This has, unsurprisingly, resulted in more crime by released prisoners, a fact that shocks and perplexes progressive New York mayor Bill de Blasio.

Meanwhile a growing chorus of right-thinkers calls not just for "reform," but for the abolition of police entirely, a call to which a majority of members of the Minneapolis City Council, Woke to a man (or ... whatever), have responded with enthusiasm. In a completely unrelated development, firearms sales across the country have gone through the roof. [*]

In Seattle, now famous for a video of a woman calmly carrying an entire cheesecake looted from the local Cheesecake Factory, the mayor and police chief have decided to ban the use of tear gas against rioters, in case the poor things might be injured in some way.

Contrast that with the treatment afforded demonstrators during the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting in the same city. That time it took less than 24 hours for the Washington State Gauleiter to call up two battalions of the National Guard, and both they and the police laid into protesters, peaceful and otherwise, with all the tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, truncheons, stun grenades, etc. they could bring to bear, arresting hundreds.

The cops in the Imperial capital were even less gentle with anti-International Monetary Fund demonstrators two years later, using illegal search and seizure and brutal control tactics to suppress them, including arresting and hog-tying dozens of completely innocent bystanders.

The lesson is obvious: don't mess with the ruling elites, because you'll be crushed. But if you just want to destroy the lives of ordinary people, who cares?

As if to emphasize that point, big corporations are conspicuously supporting Black Lives Matter, which in effect means condoning the riots that have torn American cities apart. Elle Magazine, which, to be fair, is not known for its thoughtful insights, boasts about a long list of fashion companies who give money to BLM. Cosmopolitan, the manual for women seeking the most shallow, materialist, and empty lives possible, has an article with instructions on how to support BLM, as does the sex-primer for teenage girls, Teen Vogue. Most or all of the electronic entertainment oligopoly has jumped on board, as have a plethora of other corporations, from Citibank to Nike.

It seems that there is no place in the public square to shelter from the relentless pro-BLM propaganda. Its latest and perhaps most disgusting manifestation is the spectacle of white people kneeling and asking forgiveness from blacks. It will be interesting to see whether that becomes a trend. Or compulsory.

So far, BLM's partner in the chaos, Antifa, has not enjoyed the same kind of open support, although there are persistent rumors that George Soros and other lefty donors are helping them. But they've certainly had a free ride from Minitrue, with CNN in particular running interference for them, and most of the rest simply ignoring or glossing over their role in the recent riots. The question, then, is not whether but when this will change to open support.

Make no mistake. These events, coming on top of a "lockdown" whose justification grows more ridiculous by the day, are a watershed. The ruling class agenda is now out in the open: suppressing what little liberty we have left, forbidding information that doesn't serve the narrative, crushing independent thought, encouraging chaos that destroys what remains of a dynamic, potentially adversarial middle class, pitting group against group. In other words, destroying the old America and replacing it with an atomized, deracinated, denatured population: one utterly without the inclination or the resources to resist. As statues and monuments around the country are taken down, our history and traditions are being erased. The open suppression of religion, dissent, and crimethink of any kind now seems not only possible, but, barring an unforeseen miracle, inevitable.

It's only a matter of time. Ω

June 10, 2020

© 2020 David T. Wright
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* Let's get one thing straight. I am not a fan of the police; in fact, I fear them. In my opinion, their function is not to protect us ordinary Americans and our property, but to support and protect the interests of the ruling class. Somehow, though, I doubt that "abolishing" them under our current rulers, or even any proposed "reform," will result in more safety for you and me.

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