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October 19, 2009


Bizarro World resurgent
Neo-Trots in Corporationland



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Think the passing from power of Bush Jong-il sounded the death knell for the neo-Trots? Think that the growing unpopularity of Bush's (now Obama's) wars — wars that the neo-Trots were instrumental in starting — would force them to keep their head down? Don't you believe it.

Neo-Trots are like cockroaches, or bacteria. They're disgusting, parasitical creatures, but they're also incredibly resilient and resourceful. If defeated, discredited, or otherwise inconvenienced in one venue, they simply mutate and pop up in another, even more evil and virulent than before.

A case in point is a new pressure group, United against Nuclear Iran, that recently began running a couple of slick, expensive spots on networks such as CNN. The ads call for economic sanctions against evil Iran to force it to end its non-existent nuclear-weapons program. Both of them start off with a clip of the Mahogany Savior (peace be upon him) bloviating about the Empire's allegedly peaceable intentions toward Muslims. And one of the spots goes on to assure the audience that the Iranian people aren't the target, only their regime, which apparently wants to immolate the entire world — though for what reason, we're not told.

The spots (unitedagainstnucleariran.com/video) recycle the usual scare-fare: the Iranians test-fired a medium-range missile. The Iranians have increased the number of their uranium-processing centrifuges. Never mind that the missile could never come anywhere near the United State, or that there is no nuclear weapon for it to carry. Never mind that Iran hasn't attacked another country for hundreds of years, and shows no sign of wanting to. Never mind that the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly declared that there is no evidence that the Iranian regime is pursuing anything other than a peaceful nuclear-energy program, and never mind that Iran is following the requirements of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to the letter — unlike a certain rather belligerent Gallant Ally of the United State a few miles to the west.

And here's a shocker. The Iranian regime has "brutally suppressed its own citizens," rounding up dissidents, using tear gas and night-sticks on them, and even torturing them. Nothing like what our own regime did to dissidents (and ordinary citizens) in Pittsburgh last month during the G-20 summit there. (Here's just one example.) And certainly nothing like what our benevolent rulers gently bestowed — and continue to bestow — on the poor souls caught in the CIA gulags of Guantanamo Bay, Bagram Air Base, and other outposts of our glorious Empire.

The answer of course, is to punish the Iranian people for having a regime that suppresses them. That means the kind of economic blockade that destroyed the economy of Iraq and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians — before the Bush Jong-il invasion. Let's just hope the Iranians are suitably grateful.

UANI has already scored a major victory for the forces of peace, freedom, and right-thinking: they managed to pressure some major New York hotels to deny Iranian president Ahmadinejad a room during his visit to the UN in September. Really makes you proud to be an American, doesn't it?

Despite the slightly left-liberal tone of the ads, and their sucking-up to the new Emperor, UANI is obviously a neo-Trot operation. [*] All you have to do is take a look at the list of people on its "advisory board."

For starters, there's the lunatic James Woolsey, who was pushing for war with Iraq at least as far back as 1998. Richard Holbrooke, another early advocate of the Iraq war and one of the perpetrators of the rape of the Balkans known as the "Dayton Accords," is listed as an "original co-founder." Henry Sokolski worked for the neo-Trot Paul Wolfowitz in the Pentagon's Orwellian-named "Office of Special Plans," which cooked up the false information about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that was used to grease the path to war.

Also listed is Kristen Silverberg, who served as "senior advisor" to the disgraced Paul Bremer when he was carrying out his catastrophic policies as viceroy in Iraq. I'd think that would disqualify one from being seen in public for at least twenty years, but I guess not. Fouad Ajami was an ally of the neo-Trots in pushing for war with Iraq — their tame Arab, if you will. Jack David is from the Committee on the Present Danger — Neo-Trot Central. Karen Hughes was propaganda director for Bush Jong-il — not a neo-Trot per se, more just a Bushevik who has thrown in her lot with them.

But here's the scary part. On the front page of their Website they have emblazoned the logo of General Electric Corporation. This must be a first: UANI has actually managed to recruit a major corporation to endorse (for all practical purposes) war against a country such as Iran. I don't remember GM or GE calling for war against Iraq.

A clue to GE's participation may be the presence of the Siemens logo in opposition to GE's. But Siemens isn't a sponsor: it's a target. It's been doing business with Iran.

So, here's the game. There is a list of companies on the site that according to UANI do business with Iran. The overt campaign is to stop them from doing so. Site visitors are asked to contact those targets, and express their concern and so forth.

And that's where the neo-Trot cleverness comes in. It looks as if they have adopted Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition extortion scam: You go to a corporation and tell it to give you money and toe the line, or you will make life hard for it. But instead of accusing it of breaking "anti-discrimination" laws, you'll tar it as a supporter of a nuclear Iran! By association, that means it's anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.

Moreover, UANI has added its own filthy little twist: Siemens is a major competitor of GE. It seems UANI is openly advertising that it will go after a corporation's competitors if the corp agrees to play its game. Only the neo-Trots could have such chutzpah.

It remains to be seen whether their racket will work, but it's obvious that these people already have a lot of money. You need big bucks to advertise on CNN. And I think they're looking to get a lot more through blackmail. It looks like the beginning of the final push for war on the Iranians and a new flowering of neo-Trot power. Batten down the hatches.

October 19, 2009

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* Maybe "despite" is the wrong word. The neo-Trots have no loyalty to any party or movement but their own. They are willing to take on the coloring of whoever is in power at the moment to further their own ends. In the 1970s they tried to gain power in the Democrat Party but were foiled by the New Left. So, many of them fastened themselves on the Republicans, where they found rich pickings. Nevertheless, some have remained with the Democrats, where they have managed to carve out niches for themselves, and where they work to further their own power and those of their comrades in both parties.

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