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Written November 9, 2016;
posted November 10, 2016


World ends:
Women and minorities hardest hit



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Making my way to work this morning, dodging the falling bodies of progressives hurling themselves in despair from their condo balconies, I was listening to the usual Minitrue jabberers, who, to a man and woman, used the word "shocked" or "shocking."

Meanwhile, the headline on the CNN website was "Donald Trump victory shocks world." A while later they doubled down. As I write, it's: "Donald Trump victory shocks world, pleases Putin," with a big old photo, not of Trump, but of the evil Designated Hitler himself.

The Washington Post's headline? "World gasps in collective disbelief following Trump's election." Oh, woe! [Later, the Wa Po replaced its original headline with this one, which obviously is much less tendentious: "After Trump's victory, the world is left to wonder: What happened to America?"Ed.]

The world gasped in collective disbelief on Wednesday following the victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential race, with apprehensive allies seeking to put a brave face on a result they had dreaded and American adversaries exulting in an outcome they see as a potential turning point in global affairs.
Truly a great day for the enemies of America!

USA Today: "Total global disbelief as Trump is elected president."

BERLIN — America decided and the world made clear it was the wrong decision.
So, no bias there ...

The New York Times, of course, eschews unseemly sensationalism, but still manages to get the point across in its usual dry-as-a-bone, colorless way: "Across the World, Shock and Uncertainty at Trump's Victory."

Donald J. Trump's stunning upset over Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States has shocked the world.

His triumph holds the potential for overturning the world order. Criticisms of trade, immigration and international engagement were central to his candidacy. Mr. Trump has professed admiration for President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, called climate change a Chinese hoax, criticized the American-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and demanded that the nation's allies foot more of the bill for their defense.

Obviously the Donald is a crazy man, for what sane person could believe any of those things? At least, what sane member of the ruling class? I especially like the way they stuck in the part about global warming being a Chinese hoax. That just makes it sound crazier, and of course points up the fact that Trump wants to sell us all out to Russia and China.

Forbes got right to the point: "Republican Donald Trump Is Elected President of United States and Global Markets Plunge."

Reuters begins the damage control: "'Go to hell!' A divided America struggles to heal after ugly election," wheeling out the usual victims:

Hours earlier, Trump rallied about 5,000 supporters a few miles away in a dirt-floored livestock arena [in Springfield, Ohio]. He blasted Clinton as "the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency," drawing chants of "lock her up," as well as a few of "string her up."

Down the street, Richard Scott, 51, an African-American supporting Clinton, shook his head when told of those chants. Those words, he said, recalled 20th Century lynchings of black Americans — including in Springfield where a black prisoner was shot and hung from a pole on Main Street in 1904.

"It's terrible," he said.

So, Trump's election is bringing back lynch mobs! Crowds of Middle Americans are already thronging the streets, looking for sandal-wearing yo-yos with rings in their noses to hang from lamp posts. Although, I must admit, I haven't been able to find a horde of berserkers to join yet. But the day is young.

And here's a real cri de coeur from the Huffington Post: "Why the Latino Vote Didn't Save America: Hispanic voters were supposed to be one of Clinton's blue firewalls — but one in three ended up splitting for Trump." Stupid Latinos! They didn't do what they were told! Maybe this plan to import so many of them wasn't such a great idea after all. [1]

But the real mother lode of progressive misery shows up on sites such as Slate: "White Won: We are still the country that produced George Wallace. We are still the country that killed Emmett Till."

More than anything, Trump promises a restoration of white authority. After eight years of a black president — after eight years in which cosmopolitan America asserted its power and its influence, eight years in which women leaned in and blacks declared that their lives mattered — millions of white Americans said enough. They had their fill of this world and wanted the old one back.
That is, of course, a bad thing. White people are evil in their very essence. They all want to kill blacks, and must be extirpated. Otherwise, those lynch mobs are just going to get worse. In fact, it's only a matter of time until those whites start building new gas chambers: "I Am a Gay Jew in Trump's America. And I Am Afraid for My Life."

Fire up the violins.

As I heard it, my great-grandmother was the one who wanted to stay. After all, they had lived there their entire lives. Why leave now? Everything they knew and loved was there.

It was Poland, 1933. They were secular Jews living a pleasant modern life. They knew about Hitler, of course ...

And so on and on until you want to poke your eyes out. For Jewish lefty pundits, the Holocaust is always the gift that keeps on giving, and anti-Semites lurk in every dark corner. It reminds me of a scene in Woody Allen's film "Annie Hall":
ROB: Alvy, you're a total paranoid.

ALVY: Wh– How am I a paran–? Well, I pick up on those kind o' things. You know, I was having lunch with some guys from NBC, so I said ... uh, "Did you eat yet or what?" and Tom Christie said, "No, didchoo?" Not, did you, didchoo eat? Jew? No, not did you eat, but Jew eat? Jew. You get it? Jew eat?

Unlike Allen, most leftists are good at satire only when it's unintentional. This is from Slate: "Will Trump's Rule of Law Be Our Rule of Law? The fate of the entire legal apparatus of government is in the balance." Comradess Dahlia Lithwick writes:
Like Andrew Sullivan, I hold out very little hope that most Republicans in Congress will be anything but supine for President Trump as he begins to unspool his broad, unspecified plans to singlehandedly enact unconstitutional stop-and-frisk laws nationwide or to unilaterally dismantle the First Amendment protections for journalists, even though he has no authority to do so.
Oh, so you guys are actually in favor of the First Amendment now? Does this mean you're in favor of actual freedom of expression? When did this happen?

Salon [2] really understands the problem: it's that the voters were free to vote the way they wanted: "President Trump: A colossal failure for democracy, and our terrifying new reality":

At every level, across both parties, the media, pollsters — all the democratic institutions that are supposed to prevent something like this from happening, or at least warn us about it. Donald Trump, a candidate who ran an openly racist campaign, who is as proud a misogynist as you'll find anywhere, who is manifestly ignorant of public policy, who is brusquely authoritarian, who has little respect or understanding of democratic norms, and who embodies every moral failing that's supposed to disqualify a candidate from higher office, has apparently been elected the next president of the United States.

The markets are collapsing, the globe is reeling, and nobody can quite explain what the hell happened.

Yes, I noticed the Earth was wobbling on its axis when I got up this morning. It's a measure of the arrogance of progressives that this supporter of Hillary Clinton can accuse Trump of embodying "every moral failing that's supposed to disqualify a candidate from higher office." What that means is that trash-talking about women is worse than Hillary's many crimes, including pay-to-play, the e-mail scandal, her attacks on her husband's sexual victims, and her murders, both retail and wholesale.

And openly racist? According to the Huffington Post, Trump's racism in the campaign consisted of:

"He attacked Muslim Gold Star parents" (for shame!);

"He claimed a judge was biased because 'he's a Mexican'" (everyone knows that can't be true);

"He refused to condemn the white supremacists who are campaigning for him" (because, he said, he knew nothing about them);

"He treats racial groups as monoliths" (something progressives never do);

"He condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester" (on the other hand, inciting violence against Trump people is good clean fun);

"He called supporters who beat up a homeless Latino man 'passionate'" (ditto);

"He stereotyped Jews and shared an anti-Semitic meme created by white supremacists" (this outrage consisted of his addressing Jewish Republicans and saying, "I'm a negotiator, like you folks." When I read that I had a 15-second attack of the giggles); and

"He treats African-American supporters as tokens to dispel the idea he is racist" (again, something that lefties never, ever do).

There it is, proof that Trump will be setting up a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan on your block in the near future.

Certainly Van Jones of CNN understands. He called the Trump victory a "whitelash," and whined:

It's hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us.... You tell your kids, "Don't be a bully."

You tell your kids, "Don't be a bigot."

You tell your kids, "Do your homework and be prepared."

And then you have this outcome, and you have people putting children to bed tonight, and they're afraid of breakfast. They're afraid of "How do I explain this to my children?"

Parents all across this great land of ours will be checking under their children's beds tonight, making sure the orange-skinned, bloody-fanged Trump Monster isn't hiding there.

But surely the ultimate judgment should come from that giant of pundits, that paragon of deep thought, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, a man whom a friend of mine calls "The Mustache of Wisdom." Friedman has got beyond the initial anguish of the Stink Hag's defeat, and has cogitated on it and what it means for thoughtful people.

How do I explain Trump's victory? Way too soon to say for sure, but my gut tells me that it has much less to do with trade or income gaps and much more to do with culture and many Americans' feeling of "homelessness."

There is nothing that can make people more angry or disoriented than feeling they have lost their home. For some it is because America is becoming a minority-majority country and this has threatened the sense of community of many middle-class whites, particularly those living outside the more cosmopolitan urban areas.

Brilliant analysis! None but an intellect of Friedman's caliber could have deduced that when a group of people are attacked, their jobs destroyed, their culture debased, and they are treated with utter contempt, they're liable to react. (On that same theme, get a load of this.) Friedman continues:
What I do know for certain is this: The Republican Party and Donald Trump will have control of all the levers of government, from the courts to the Congress to the White House. That is an awesome responsibility, and it is all going to be on them. Do they understand that?
Truly an excellent point. Does Donald Trump understand that he will actually be the president? The Leader of the Free World? I'll need to mull that over for a while ...

Personally, I will not wish them ill. Too much is at stake for my country and my children. Unlike the Republican Party for the last eight years, I am not going to try to make my president fail. If he fails, we all fail. So yes, I will hope that a better man emerges than we saw in this campaign.

Mr. Friedman is magnanimous in defeat. Sure Trump is a buffoon, but Friedman is willing to give him a chance.
But at the moment I am in anguish, frightened for my country and for our unity. And for the first time, I feel homeless in America.

Well, for Friedman and all sensitive, correctly thinking people who suffer so in the wake of this catastrophe, a woman named Sally Druthers Alyssa Rosenberg at the Washington Post is there to offer hugs and teddy bears:

As I write this very early on the morning of Nov. 9, it seems that Donald Trump is about to be elected president of the United States. If you read this newsletter or Act Four on anything like a regular basis, you know this is not the outcome I hoped for or expected.

I, and many other Americans, are in for a long, searching period of attempting to understand how the tools we use to measure the world around us captured our fellow voters so poorly, and why the tools that have conventionally won elections failed. Some of the answers appear to be immediate, and I don't know that much contemplation, or making up for lost sleep, will change those conclusions.

But in the mean time [sic, perhaps intentional], I hope you are all safe, and that if you are in crisis, that you are getting the support that you need. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is up and running here, and the National Sexual Assault Hotline can be reached here. A national directory of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings is here, and you can search for Narcotics Anonymous meetings here. The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender National Help Center's hotlines can be found here. And if talking to me would be of any help, you can always reach me at alyssa.rosenberg@washpost.com or in next Monday's live chat.

Of course, for some, what Rosenberg offers are only half measures. From the Independent of Britain: "How to move to Canada: Immigration website crashes as Donald Trump romps home to election victory."

Maybe something useful will come from this election, after all. Ω

Written November 9, 2016;
posted November 10, 2016.

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1. That reminds me of what Trump said about Arianna Huffington herself: "(She's) unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man — he made a good decision."

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2. Salon, of course, is militantly cultural-Marxist, which means it stands against everything that America used to cherish, decency and modesty among them, and for every imaginable perversion, sexual and otherwise, advocated by our betters. On its front page, right below the anguished stories about the Trump victory, is an explicit video titled "On Halloween, Nudity Is an Art Form." Salon is an enthusiastic promoter of the ongoing transformation of Hallowe'en from a charming tradition for children to a festival of depravity and bizarre behavior by adults, an event no responsible parent would want his kids anywhere near.

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