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Posted December 2, 2019.

Joe Sobran wrote: To hold the proper progressive attitudes is to be certified as "open-minded," no matter how osmotically you've acquired them from your immediate cultural environment, no matter how reflexively you adopt and update them. By the same token, to maintain the traditional attitudes, no matter how reflectively, no matter with what resistance to the current, is to be "narrow-minded." The liberal can always spot the open mind: it's the one that agrees with himself.

From "AIDS and Social Progress," Human Life Review, Fall 1987. Ω

Posted November 29, 2019.

Hair-raising new essay by Stephen J. Sniegoski at the Unz Review. Posted this very day, in fact. Steve lays out a horrible possibility, arising from the already horrible state of the Democratic presidential field: "Obama Takes the Field and Hillary May be Around the Corner." Are the flying monkeys on high alert?

Young Master Buttigieg also features here. As well as other noxious entities. Ω

Posted October 29, 2019.

David T. Wright: Do you, Henry, take this ... ? In a recent essay at VDare, Lance Welton addresses a question posed by shamed and fired British academic Noah Carl. Carl was removed from his fellowship at Cambridge University because his research into the average intelligence of different groups offended the sensibilities of the usual kind of eagerly offended people now infesting the academy.

Carl's question is simply: "Are we at peak Woke?" He refers, of course, to the current post-Modern madness affecting our rulers and their hangers-on, and afflicting everyone else.

Welton thinks that "peak Woke" is fairly close, and that when it arrives there will be a huge backlash. John Derbyshire, in a speech back in 2012 linked in Welton's essay, predicted that the elites will rebel against the now-dominant Weltanschauung when cognitive dissonance grows too extreme to ignore and its effects begin to harm their interests. Then, he said, they will either become moderate, reasonable "race realists," or just outright racist haters.

Either one's a bit difficult to imagine, but I do remember how impossible the fall of the Soviet Empire seemed before it happened. I also remember how the jubilation of the East Germans as they knocked down the Wall with sledgehammers finally proved without a doubt the regime's utter brutality and corruption. When that happened, most of the bien pensants who had jeered and ridiculed anti-communists suddenly pretended that of course! they had known the Soviets were bad all along!

In any case, I don't think we're anywhere near peak Woke just yet. So how will we know? Here's a partial list of what to watch out for:

1.  Zoo animals are given sex-change operations.
2.  Sexually molesting prepubescent children is legal.
3.  Legalizing marriage between animals and children is the current cause célèbre.
4.  People applying for jobs must have their DNA checked to make sure they don't have too much white blood.
5.  Churches are stormed by violent mobs and have their tax-exempt status removed if they don't agree to bless the marriages of homosexuals to each other, or humans to animals.
6.  Membership in the Catholic Church, or a more conservative evangelical sect, is grounds for dismissal from your job, and may result in a visit from concerned FBI agents or local police.
7.  The entire U.S. Women's Olympic team is composed of creatures with a Y chromosome.
8.  Statutes require "jazz hands" instead of clapping in public venues.
9.  Furries are a protected class.
10.  Child molesters are a protected class.
11.  Ex-convicts are a protected class.
12.  People who have sex with animals are a protected class.
13.  Thirteen-year-olds can vote.
14.  Illegal immigrants can vote.
15.  Animals can vote — and sue — through their appointed representatives.
16.  And last, but not least:
Normal, heterosexual people are regarded as perverts. Ω

Posted October 23, 2019.

Nicholas Strakon: It's always worse than you think. A startling new essay by Steve Sniegoski was posted yesterday at the Unz Review, and I heartily recommend it to your attention:

"Full Voting Rights Si, Statehood No:
Washington, D.C., and the Plan to Control Congress and Change America"
If you're anything like me, and live a long way from Mordor, you didn't even know this business was in play again. Or how bad it could turn out to be.

Apparently the Left has decided that its complete domination of the country isn't proceeding quickly enough.

Steve asks: "If you like this article, I would appreciate very much if you would hit 'Like' (or add a comment) on the Unz website and, if you engage in such an activity, share or tweet it." Ω

Posted October 21, 2019.

Ronn Neff: Hillary Clinton's assertion that Jill Stein is a Russian agent whose presidential candidacy was designed to elect Donald Trump is a typically Clintonian demonstration of ingratitude:

It was Jill Stein, after all, who paid $3.5 million to initiate a recount in Wisconsin, in an effort to deliver the Wisconsin electoral votes to Clinton. Ω

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