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New “Unsilent Truth” column by Ronn Neff posted July 1.

Posted July 8, 2020.

Ronn Neff: "Be afraid; be very afraid." On Monday, July 6, the New York Times ran a headline, "Chilling for Renters: Be Out by Tomorrow," with the subhead,"Eviction bans are little help to many, including those whose bigger fear is deportation." The article warned that "an avalanche of evictions" was coming. And that "28 million" (Yikes!) households "are at risk of being turned out onto the streets." The story tells us that "researchers" have tracked "thousands of recent eviction filings."

And on Tuesday, July 7, the NYT's little friend the Washington Post ran a front-page headline, "Evictions are likely to skyrocket this summer as jobs remain scarce. Black renters will be hard hit," with the continuing alarm, "Eviction moratoriums and unemployment benefits are expiring, which will have a bigger effect on minority neighborhoods, experts say."

The latter was merely the latest installment of a series of terror-inducing headlines. (Just Google "Washington Post" and "evictions" and see what comes up.)

It is important to note that none of these stories informs readers about what is happening, but what "is expected" to happen. And "experts" are sought out to corroborate reasons for all you renters to lose sleep. To make matters worse, anonymous researchers are out there "tracking" eviction filings. Not actual evictions, just the filings.

On July 6, one Salim Furth, the director of George Mason University Mercatus Center's Urbanity Project, was a guest on C-Span's "Washington Journal." He was asked about the NYT and said (starting at 36:56), "There's no evidence so far that we're actually having an avalanche of evictions." The Eviction Lab at Princeton University is apparently one of the groups doing "tracking" of evictions, and they have produced some statistics that Firth found interesting.

One is, "if you go back to the 2008/2009 recession, there was no increase in eviction during that time, despite unemployment more than doubling, and having a long extended period when people had no income and there was less federal support for unemployed people than there is now."

Why would that be? Isn't the market heartless? Don't greedy landlords rub their greasy hands together with glee at the prospect of putting penurious little old ladies and huddled immigrant families out on the street? Well, no. That would be the state that does that when it all but outlaws employment. Furth points out that in the market, if you're a landlord, "all of a sudden you can't get good renters. There's nobody who can show up at your open house and say, 'I've got a steady job; here's my income statement.' So when you have massive unemployment, the landlords are worried just as much as the tenants are. They have bills to pay, they have their mortgage to pay. And they would rather stay with a good tenant who has temporarily lost income but has been reliable, a good neighbor, and wait for that person to get back on their feet, than go through the process of evicting, emptying the unit, repainting. All that costs several thousand dollars. And then roll the dice on finding one of the very few people who are looking for a new place to live and have tremendously stable employment rate. That's why I think we didn't see one in the last crisis and so far in this crisis where places have lifted eviction [protections], there has not been an increase in legal evictions."

Furth then gives an account of what happened in Cincinnati, and says of evictions generally that they "have been at below-normal levels, not above normal levels, and I think we should be cautious about predicting what's going to happen when the data are going against our priors so far."

Good advice no matter what is being predicted.

Just another small example of the agenda of the major media. "Do not look at the facts. Look at what might happen." And (one can hardly help thinking), "what we hope will happen." Ω

Nicholas Strakon: You should not miss these articles at Taki's:

"The Myth That Burns Our Cities," by David Cole, July 7, 2020.

"'Hamilton': The Obama Administration on Stage," by Steve Sailer, July 8, 2020.

Hamilton may seem rather passé by now, but I have a question: has anyone heard of a statue of Alexander Hamilton being attacked by the street savages? Are any comrades calling for his cancellation? That would be something, wouldn't it? Ω

Posted July 7, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Leftist critics of U.S. history often claim that it is flawed because the Founders made no provision for the rights of Negroes and women.

Borrowing from an observation I once heard TLD writer Phil Collier make in conversation, I ask them, "Where did you get the idea that Negroes and women had rights?" I'll bet a Columbus half-dollar that they got it from principles first articulated by some 18th-century Christian white man. Ω

David T. Wright: Think you've got enough to worry about?


And if that's not enough, here's some other problems to worry about:

  Did a doggy herd the sheep that provided the organic wool for your woke hand-knitted Inca cap with cute little llamas on it and the annoying strings hanging off the ear flaps?

  Did a ferret pull a cable through a pipe for your high-speed optical-fiber broadband internet connection?

  Did a cow have to die to provide the rennet for your $600-a-pound Serbian Pule donkey milk cheese? For that matter, what about the poor donkeys?

  Did Juan Valdez force an overworked little donkey to carry the 100 percent Colombian mountain-grown coffee beans used in your Double Low-fat Caffe Macchiato with just a touch of raw sugar?

  Did an enslaved Japanese cormorant catch the fish in the expertly prepared Hamachi Sashimi you had at that divine little restaurant two nights ago?

These are deep questions. I expect honest answers. Ω

Posted July 6, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Notes on the State of Virginia: The Virginia DMV allows drivers in that state a wide assortment of license plate choices for their automobiles. Among them is one that carries the image of the coiled snake and the warning "Dont Tread on Me."

Just a notice for those of you who have this license plate and weren't paying attention the last three months: You've been trodden on. Good and hard. Ω

Statchews be raaaycisss, and elks be raaaycisss, too.

"City of Portland Will Remove Downtown Elk Statue After Protesters Burned It," by Tess Riski, Willamette Week, July 2, 2020.
Subhead: "The Regional Arts & Culture Council says the statue is at risk of toppling." Ω
For further reading: At PJ Media, Robert Spencer attempts to drill into the leftist mind. He may be on to something: "No, They're Not Stupid: Why Leftists Destroyed a Statue of an Elk in Portland" (July 3, 2020).
Posted July 5, 2020.

Nicholas Strakon: In 2015, I posted a "Stop and think" observation provoked by an antiwhite propaganda show impending on MTV. I believe it's time for a rerun:

Really, no thanks are necessary — it was our privilege! The decivilizers at MTV are preparing a show about "white privilege." Apparently it will feature deracinated young white folks weeping and apologizing for white people in general and "what they've done in America."

I'll leave aside what white people have done in America in the fields of economics, literature, the graphic arts, music, movies, food, folklore, and resistance to tyranny. Instead, here's a list, by no means exhaustive, of what white people have done in America in the fields of science, technology, and industry:

First successful steamboat.

McCormick Reaper.

Eli Whitney's interchangeable gun parts.

Morse's electric telegraph.

The Roeblings' designs and constructions, including the Brooklyn Bridge. (Roebling the Elder was a German immigrant.)

Bell's telephone (a Scot/Canadian in America).

Edison's inventions, including electric light, phonography, and moving pictures.

Westinghouse's inventions.


Cheap, mass-marketed photography (starting with the Kodak company).

John D. Rockefeller's revolutionizing the oil industry.

Andrew Carnegie's revolutionizing the steel industry (a Scot in America).


Practical industrial refrigeration; refrigeration in the home.

Air-conditioning (Carrier).

Ford's Model T and mass production of motor vehicles.


Frequency modulation radio.

Carlson's xerography, leading to the Xerox machine.

Biologist Norman E. Borlaug's Green Revolution.

Big high-altitude commercial airliners (Hughes).

Transistor (Shockley and his team).

Sabin vaccine. (Born in the Russian Empire, Sabin worked in America.)

Salk vaccine.

Linus Pauling's DNA research.

James Watson's DNA research (in America and, with Francis Crick, in Britain).


Kilby's integrated circuit; Noyce's silicon chip; Silicon Valley.


Compact disc.

It would be interesting if the sad sacks on MTV were to wake up in a world where white people in America had done none of those things. Would they really want to stay there?

I don't know whether this is relevant to the discussion, but it turns out that white people did quite a few things in Europe, too, that furthered science, technology, and industry. I hear tell that they were responsible for a few cultural and philosophical achievements as well.

Ronn Neff points out: White people also invented basketball. Where would blacks be without that?
I'm going to go ahead and declare Mr. Neff's closing zinger the best ever in the history of "Stop and think." Ω

Posted July 3, 2020.

Nicholas Strakon: Masquerade of freedom. Will the usual clowns dare to emit the usual gas this weekend about Arr Constee-TOO-shun and Arr God-given RI-yeets and Arr FREE-dumb? It would come across as especially wacky this year, but we're in Double Bizarro World of the Raving Simpletons now, so I'm bracing myself.

Surely the gas clowns would do better to just rave about the glories of WARRR. Actually, that does seem to have become the dominant theme for most of the flag-waving holidays. And right now the glooorious American leviathan and its constituent dictatorships are waging a glooorious war on American society itself, a war that apparently is quite popular with all patriotic comrades, even as their life is being destroyed. Ω

Related reading: "Independence Day in the Midst of Dictatorship," by James Bovard, American Institute for Economic Research, July 2, 2020.

Bovard begins by asking, "How many Americans will greet [Independence Day] with gratitude that their governor is no longer compelling them to 'shelter in place' or 'stay at home' so they can celebrate their freedom?"

Nicholas Strakon: Dr. Dark Suit delivers his diagnosis!
"A National Mask Mandate Could Save the U.S. Economy $1 Trillion, Goldman Sachs Says," by Sarah Hansen, Forbes, June 30, 2020.
They're so good at this: Either you'll wear our mask of obedience, or we'll crush you again. As if the either/or is some kind of natural law.

Who's to say they won't crush society again even if we all do diaper up? Ω

It's called regime uncertainty. At, Ryan McMaken writes: "Want to Kill the Economy Again? Keep Threatening More Lockdowns" (July 1, 2020). Ω

Posted July 1, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Good news! I hear the NBA may resume their season soon.

In the wake of WuFlu, it will be great to see the players observing social distancing so that basketball once again can be played as the non-contact sport it was meant to be. Ω

Ronn Neff: If the federal government can create money out of thin air with its borrowing and printing whenever it needs it, why doesn't it just do it and stop taxing the rest of us? Ω

Nicholas Strakon: Durkan the reactionary! Odd to see a Red Guard mayor engaging in an act of Reaction.

"'Enough is enough': 31 protestors arrested as Seattle Police clear CHOP area," staff report, KOMO News, July 1, 2020.
But it's not so strange, really. I mean, old Stalin would have taken much more decisive action a long time before this.

Lenin, too, for that matter. Ω

Posted June 29, 2020.

Ronn Neff: I'm starting to see ads on TV preparing us for July 4.

I find it scandalous that people who bowed their heads and said, "I do whut Massa says and I say whut Massa says, 'cuz he know best, yes he do," can actually imagine that they are free.

Maybe one of the effects of WuFlu is to corrupt people's sense of irony. Ω

Nicholas Strakon: The crackpot technocrats are running a test now to see how far people's gullibility really stretches: "THREE new virus symptoms revealed including diarrhea and runny nose," by Danielle Cinone, The U.S. Sun, June 26, 2020. Ω

Nicholas Strakon: At Taki's, Jim Goad writes of "A Whole New Breed of White People" (June 29, 2020).

He asks ponderable questions:

Forced tolerance ends when they smack you in the head with a brick.

It all ends when they rape your daughter.

It all ends when they take your job.

It all ends when they burn your house down.

What happens when modern whites realize they are guilty of nothing and are the sole victims of organized modern racial hatred?

I still expect most whites to vanish from history not with a bang but with a whimper. Bowing their head and wearing a fear muzzle. Ω

All good comrades know that he CANNOT be forgiven: "I'm Sorry." Ω

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