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Posted May 2, 2022: A new installment of “short takes” by Edward Morrison Morley.


Posted July 5, 2022.

Edward Morrison Morley: Do these people even read their own press releases?

Mr. Morley is TLD’s Weapons Correspondent, a position based on his extensive knowledge of weaponry, though he actually does not own any weapons other than his putative pen, which, rumor has it, is more powerful than a sword.
In the wake of the Chicago shootings, the following surprising statements were uttered:

Politicians: “We need increased gun control.”

An Actual Senator, Dick Durbin (Idiot-Ill. and in the running for most egregious politician of the year): “There is no reason for a person to own a military assault weapon. It has no value for hunting, or sports or even self-defense. It is a killing machine.”

Reason magazine: “The type of weapon used in yesterday’s shooting, and how it was acquired by the shooter, aren’t yet clear.”

Wait! What? If Reason is right, then how do we know that increased gun control would have prevented the shootings? (Answer: Who cares! Any use of a gun is a trigger event to call for increased gun control.) If Reason is right, how does Dopey Durbin know it was a “military assault weapon”? Or was he just opining on military assault weapons in general, and his statement was unrelated to the shootings and purely coincidental? Does DD even know what “a military assault weapon” is? (Answer: Who cares? All guns, from water-balloon launchers to Nerf guns to foam-pellet guns, on up to tanks and ICBMs, are “military assault weapons.”)

DD also sez such weapons have “no value for hunting, or sports, or even self-defense.” Leaving aside the “or even” (what does that mean exactly?), DD omits to mention one of the primary reasons for the Second Amendment: protecting oneself against out-of-bounds governments. Presumably, a military assault weapon might be justified, depending on the firepower brought to bear on said individual. Just ask the people at the Koresh compound or at Ruby Ridge. Ω

Posted May 7, 2022.

Edna St. Louis Missouri: Conflict of interest? Who? Me?

Ms. Missouri is TLD’s Conflict of Interest correspondent and assures us that she adheres to “the stringent ethical and legal requirements of the Biden administration,” more or less. She declined to respond to inquiries concerning whether or not she is in negotiations to become Kamala Harris’s new press spokesperson. — Ed.
The extremist New York Post on May 6, 2022, once again noted that Jen Psaki has been questioned “about how it could be ‘ethical’ to remain President Biden’s mouthpiece while negotiating a psalary with a media outlet,” i.e., CNN. PShe replied: “I have always gone over and above the pstringent ethical and legal requirements of the Biden administration, and I take that very pseriously.” No word yet on what these requirements might be.

Psaki added, “... [A]s a pstandard for every employee of the White House, I have received rigorous ethics counseling, including as it relates to any future employment.” No word, either, whether President Biden or VP Harris has received the psame counseling. Hunter Biden of course is not an employee of the White House, and did not have to get this counseling, though we don’t yet know whether he did pso during his employment by Ukrainian and ChiCom companies.

In late-breaking news, it was revealed that the Biden administration conflict-of-interest counseling program defines “conflict of interest” as taking or psupporting positions that conflict with administration policies. So Psaki clearly is not in violation of this standard. Apparently the program is a carryover from the Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and Orange Man regimes, and approved by the Foreign Intelligence PSurveillance Act (PFISA) Court, so there’s nothing to psee here, move along, please. Ω

Posted May 3, 2022.

Edna St. Louis Missouri: Pardon me, your bias is showing.

Ms. Missouri, in addition to her many other hats, is TLD’s extermination and war crimes correspondent, though it’s not actually a hat, more like a balaclava of some sort. — Ed.
The Economist, on May 3, 2022, reports on the publication by Politico of an “unprecedented leak” of a Supreme Court draft of opinion that overturns Roe v. Wade. It concludes by speculating on what motivated the leak, offering as its only suggestion: “Perhaps someone wants to deter a wavering justice from drifting away from his or her initial support of Roe’s demise.”

Really? Given that Politico is a fascist lefty source, isn’t it more likely that the leak was intended to panic well-financed abortion activists into a renewed frenzy of action? Wouldn’t this be likely to jump-start a summer of protests against an illegitimate Supreme Court and put court-packing back on the table? Wouldn’t it give the Bidenistas a wedge issue to distract attention from Sleepy Joe’s unprecedented record of nonfeasance, misfeasance, and malfeasance as we slouch toward fall elections that were looking like a Democrat debacle? What’s that drumbeat in the background ...

This is why “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Have a nice summer. Ω


Notice. In September 2021 when I announced the death of Ronn Neff — TLD’s co-founder and my close friend for half a century — I noted that the future of our website was uncertain. That was largely because of questions involving the ownership of the Thornwalker domain (which Ronn created) and how it was to be sustained after his death.

I am happy to say that a friend of The Last Ditch has donated some of his cyberspace as a home for the Thornwalker domain, including TLD, and that he and another friend have completed the daunting technical task of moving the domain to that new home, without so much as a blip apparent to the reader.

I am not just happy, of course, but also most grateful to those two generous stalwarts.

The site will never again be as active with respect to new writings as it was in its heyday. As editor and publisher, I continue in semi-retirement. But the intellectual legacy of Ronn Neff and our other writers, smart and courageous, will continue to have a place on the Net for the foreseeable future.

Tom McPherren
(“Nicholas Strakon”) Ω

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