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Posted September 22, 2022.

Edward Morrison Morley: LGBT@$?Ω✓<++ students are committed to Yeshiva University’s mission.

Mr. Morley is TLD’s Supreme Court Correspondent when he is not being asked to leave Taco Bell for overconsumption of bean burritos. He is planning to join the Atheist Students Coalition, whose mission he agrees with completely except for a few minor points related to his commitment to the Christian God.
The Wall Street Journal for September 14, 2022, somewhat misleadingly headlined a story, “Supreme Court Declines Yeshiva University’s Bid to Deny Recognition of Gay Student Group.” This possibly misdirected some folks who thought the Supremos had put the kibosh on narrow Jewish bigotry, but all it did for the time being was to argue that Yeshiva needed to exhaust remedies at the state level before appealing to Roberts et al. “If applicants seek and receive neither expedited review nor interim relief from the New York courts, they may return to this Court,” said the order, which was supported by lovers of religious freedom Roberts, Sotomayor, Kagan, Kavanaugh, and Jackson. (The story did not list the dissenting justices who want to stone and/or burn at the stake LGBT@$?Ω✓<++ individuals.)

The lawyer for the students said, “We are confident that we will continue to overcome the administration’s aggressive litigation strategies against its own LGBTQ+ students, who choose to attend Yeshiva University because they are committed to the school’s mission.” What part of Yeshiva’s Torah-based mission they are referring to remains unclear, but I am sure we can all rejoice that at least some students are committed to something, unlike the Supremo majority in this case.

Meanwhile, Yeshiva coped with the situation by disbanding all student organizations forthwith. Ω

Posted September 12, 2022.

Nicholas Strakon: Caitlin Johnstone — based and provoked. This is probably the best piece by Johnstone I’ve ever seen. (It’s also the longest.)

“It’s Not Okay for Grown Adults to Say the Ukraine Invasion Was ‘Unprovoked,’”, September 7, 2022.
The regime media’s incessant use of “unprovoked” reminds me of their similarly incessant use of the adjective “baseless,” applied to criticisms of the 2020 election travesty. You’d almost think they were all on the same frequency or something. Ω
Mike DiBaggio comments: It’s going to be very hard for English-as-a-second-language learners to comprehend that words such as “baseless” can mean both “unfounded, unbelievable” and “obviously factual.” And we thought we had it bad with “flammable” and “inflammable”!
Posted August 31, 2022.

Edward Morrison Morley: I’m shocked! Shocked!

Mr. Morley is TLD’s Outrageous Events Correspondent, a post for which he is well-suited, being frequently outraged. He is currently resting comfortably after taking an unknown sedative. — Ed.
According to the Wall Street Journal, August 30, 2022, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (Dumbhead–N.Y.), the current chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee (be honest now: how many of you knew there was such a committee? And how many of you can see anything good coming of such a crew?), charged that Rep. Jim Jordan (Tweedledee and Tweedledum–Ohio) — who would become head of the House Judiciary Committee if the Grand Old Party Hearty takes control of the House (Spoiler Alert! They will.) — has shown that his aim in the post would be to seek “political gain.” The mind reels. A politician seeking political gain? What’s the world coming to? (Spoiler Alert! It’s going to Hell in a hand basket, assuming supply-chain woes dwindle in the hand-basket category.) Ω

Posted August 20, 2022.

Melvin Ardmore: More than inflation is soaring.

Mr. Ardmore is TLD’s Raconteur Extraordinaire Correspondent. This item is borderline “extraordinaire,” but does bring back moments in his depraved youth when he and his friends would hear holiday weekend announcements on the radio that traffic fatalities were occurring at a record pace and jumped into their cars to do their part. Ah, innocent youth. — Ed.
The Wall Street Journal for August 18, 2022, in a story headlined “Traffic Deaths Soar in First Quarter,” tells us, “U.S. roads had their deadliest first quarter in 20 years,” and were on a pace to well-exceed last year’s nearly 43,000 deaths. Among causes suggested were reckless driving, speeding, fewer police officers (seeing a police car generally causes people to slow down, no kidding), driving under the influence, and not wearing seat belts. (The author, Joseph Pisani, will likely become a pariah for not mentioning climate change as a cause.) About 33 percent of traffic deaths are due to impaired driving, mostly alcohol-involved, but including “other substances.” Pedestrian deaths are up 13 percent over 2020, and bicyclist deaths are up 5 percent.

The good news? The state with the biggest increase in deaths was (drum roll) President Joey Biden’s home state of Delaware, which has more than doubled its deaths over the same period the year before. So add that to your list of “achievements” of the Biden regime. Ω

Edna St. Louis Missouri: The blame game.

Ms. Missouri is TLD’s Mee-Toooo Correspondent. You better watch out. — Ed.
The Me-Too Crowd is bemoaning the fact that serial molester and pervert NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson got off relatively lightly with an 11-game suspension and $5 million fine. To put this in perspective for Strakon, with a $44 million annual salary, rake-hell Watson’s $5 mil fine is around 10 percent of his income, which would compare to a hefty $2,000 fine for Strakon (generously assuming his annual income at $20,000). [A very generous estimate! — Ed.]

Now why does a degenerate who assaulted some two dozen women get a slap on the wrist for behavior an NFL arbitrator called “more egregious than any before reviewed by the NFL”? Because the public only knows that sleaze-ball Watson’s “shocking behavior” is somehow “sexual harassment.” However, since “sexual harassment” ranges from opening a door for or complimenting a woman on her hair style or shoes to kidnapping and rape, thus covering everything from pretty benign stuff to truly loathsome conduct. Accordingly, the depraved Watson skates because “sexual harassment” has been so watered down that almost no one has a realistic idea of the offense or feels the appropriate repugnance for and instinctive justified outrage at what the sicko Watson did. Language matters, and in the case of the phrase “sexual harassment,” insufficiently woke alleged perpetrators get fired and their lives destroyed and real victims suffer, while a reprobate like Watson collects a $39 million reward for who he is. For shame. And think about this the next time you see the unspeakable Watson on the geometrically proliferating broadcasts of NFL games. Ω

Posted August 19, 2022.

Edward Morrison Morley: Will the real Merrick Garland please stand up? (Really?)

Mr. Morley is TLD’s Incompetent Federal Legal Officers Correspondent. His IFLO duties preclude his stopping and thinking very much, so, loyal TLDers, it’s up to you to pick up the thinking slack here. — Ed.
Attorney General and nearly Supreme Court Justice Merrick Garland opposes the release of the affidavit used to invade Orange Man’s Florida estate, on “national security grounds.” (Was it H.L. Mencken who wrote that “national security” is the last refuge of the scoundrel? Well, he should have.)

Contrast this with the 2020 statement of the Chief Judge of the D.C. Circuit, coincidentally and oddly enough also named “Merrick Garland.” Judge Garland wrote:

The common-law right of public access to judicial records is a fundamental element of the rule of law, important to maintaining the integrity and legitimacy of an independent Judicial Branch. At bottom, it reflects the antipathy of a democratic country to the notion of ‘secret law,’ inaccessible to those who are governed by that law. [Leopold v. United States (D.C. Cir. 2020)]
Sounds as if Judge Garland might need to utter a word or two of reproof for AG Garland’s undermining of “our” democracy. Ω

Posted August 5, 2022.

Melvin Ardmore: Equality vs. equity.

Mr. Ardmore, who formerly was the guy behind “Informed sources tell us,” is now TLD’s Raconteur Extraordinaire Correspondent. If you don’t agree with his choices, you are probably a lying, dog-faced pony soldier. — Ed.
I was pondering why the legacy media always prefaces any claim or allegation by the followers of Orange Man with “false” or “lying,” but doesn’t do that, for example, with Iran and the ChiComs. For example, the on-line version of the New York Times for August 3, 2022, refers to Orange Man’s “effort to put forth electors to falsely claim he had won Arizona....” In the same issue, we are told that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan had resulted in “raising tensions with China, which bristles at any perceived challenge to its claims on the self-ruled island.” Why not “perceived challenge to its false claims” or “lying claims”?

Why not, indeed. Because the Times no longer believes in equal treatment. It believes in equity treatment. Orange Man, being by definition the embodiment of political evil, is entitled to equity of treatment. In this case, equity with Hitler, Mussolini, and George W. Bush. China is treated with equity as well. As the victim of Western Imperialism, as a sometime upholder of socialist values, and as a people of color, the ChiComs deserve better than Orange Man (who, surprisingly, turns out to be white). They deserve equity, not equality, just as affirmative action morphed into equity-seeking discrimination mostly against people who weren’t alive when the original sins were committed. (Of course, now that systemic racism has been established, no one is innocent of these original sins, which are perpetuated and perpetrated right down to this moment.) Therefore, the Chinese false claims are merely “claims” or “assertions” that may or may not turn out to be true, whatever that is.

And notice the cutesy “self-ruled island.” This is because the Times cannot bring itself to uphold Taiwan’s independence or even publicly question the validity of China’s claims of sovereignty over the pariah Taiwan. Stop and think. Ω

What do you think?

“Stop and think” archive.


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I am happy to say that a friend of The Last Ditch has donated some of his cyberspace as a home for the Thornwalker domain, including TLD, and that he and another friend have completed the daunting technical task of moving the domain to that new home.

I am not just happy, of course, but also most grateful to those two generous stalwarts.

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Tom McPherren
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