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Posted September 13, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Neff's Law: Any document or spoken word coming from any government official in any capacity is at least partly, and probably mostly, false.

Corollary 1: Any document or spoken word coming from any person who has held such a position is at least partly false. That includes his memoirs.

Corollary 2: Any document or spoken word coming from any person seeking such a position is at least partly false, including, but not limited to, his reasons for removing his name from consideration.

Corollary 3: Any document or spoken word coming from a person not now or or ever holding a government office that corroborates (to be distinguished from merely repeating) any document or spoken word mentioned in the Law or its corollaries should be viewed with suspicion and not believed for at least six months.

Corollary 4: The Law and its corollaries apply with particular force to all words issued under oath. Ω

Posted September 10, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Green Party update: The GP's candidate for president this year is Howie Hawkins. His running mate is Angela Nicole Walker.

Hawkins and Walker are also the candidates for the same positions from the Socialist Party USA.

Any questions? Ω

Posted September 3, 2020.

We strongly urge you to read this essay by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, posted September 1, 2020:

"Why America Has Gone Mad."
Early on, Mr. Taylor notes: "For the first time in American history, many whites are thinking — and acting — like aggrieved blacks." Ω

Posted August 29, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Name change. The Washington Redskins still don't have a name. TLD is here to help.

We suggest that the Washington Football Team inscribe on the players' helmets an unpronounceable symbol — like that guy Prince Nelson (aka for a while, "Prince"). Then the announcers and others could refer to the team as "The Team Formerly Known as the Redskins."

Good enough for a rock star! — good enough for football. Ω

Modine Herbey comments: Or 'Skins,' for short.
Posted August 23, 2020.

"I take a very low view of 'climates of opinion.' In his own subject every man knows that all discoveries are made and all errors corrected by those who ignore the 'climate of opinion.'"

— C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain (New York: Macmillan, 1962), p. 134. Ω

Posted August 16, 2020.

Ronn Neff: I saw a sign today thanking medical personnel for "flattening the curve."

Clearly the people who composed that sign have forgotten what "the curve" is.

The idea of "flattening the curve" was that if people stayed home, wore masks, and kept their distance from one another, there would not be a rush on emergency rooms or hospital beds. The statistical curve would thereby be flattened. The curve was not a curve of "cases," or illnesses, or deaths. It was a curve showing hospital admissions. "Flattening the curve" did not save anyone's life. In fact, it meant keeping the pandemic going longer.

So it was not medical personnel who were "flattening the curve"; it was the rest of us who were doing it. We did it by not going to work and losing income. Or ruining our businesses. We did it by avoiding our friends and relatives. We did it by staying holed up in our homes watching reruns of "Everybody Loves Raymond." Some of us paid a heavy price for cooperating with that plan: we drank too much, turned to drugs, beat our husbands, returned to taking anti-depressants, or blew our brains out. Some of us just got cabin fever, cursing the fact that the libraries were closed. And the movie theaters.

And how many of us were ever thanked for it? Did any medical personnel ever say to us, "Thank you for uprooting your life for our benefit?" Ω

Modine Herbey comments: Thus, we thank the people who benefit from our oppression.
Posted August 14, 2020.

Nicholas Strakon: Cannon Hinnant. On Tuesday, thanks to Paul Kersey at VDARE, I learned this: "His Name Is Cannon Hinnant: Five-Year-Old White Boy Shot and Murdered Execution-Style by Black Neighbor ... for Riding His Bike in [sic] His Lawn." The crime took place in Wilson, N.C.

At the Daily Wire, Amanda Prestigiacomo writes: "#SayHisName Trends after Media Refuse To Report on Murder of 5-Year-Old Cannon Hinnant" (August 13).

Today I see that CNN has finally run a story on the atrocity. However, I feel confident in predicting that there will never be an HBO movie or Netflix documentary about Cannon, and that no politicians will be found on their knees at his funeral, slobbering tearfully.

The New York Post did cover the murder: kudos for them. An excerpt: "Sessoms [the killer] has multiple felony drug charges from over the years, multiple felony probation violations, and charges on his record for possessing stolen firearms, reported." Ω

Modine Herbey comments: The New York Post has emerged as a worthwhile source of news about commie and antiwhite crime in America. Imagine that — a big American paper giving the (London) Daily Mail a run for its money!

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