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Posted June 21, 2018: A new dispatch from that old friend of TLD, Miss Sally Druthers!


Posted June 21, 2018.

Nicholas Strakon: Astonishing if true. Kudos to American Renaissance for posting snippage of this piece by Jennifer Rich at The Conversation: "Schools must equip students to navigate alt-right websites that push fake news" (June 19).

Rich starts off: "More than 60 percent of America's middle and high school students rely on alt-right internet sites as credible sources for their research papers. The students are using alt-right sites to write papers on topics that range from free speech and the Second Amendment to citizenship, immigration and the Holocaust."

The "alt-right" "fake news" sites are said to include AmRen and Taki's.

By "astonishing," above, I refer to the purported phenomenon itself. Thoughtcrime on public display is really that widespread? To be honest, it seems odd, but perhaps that's just my congenital pessimism kicking in. True, the innocent lads and lassies probably just Google haplessly into the verboten sites, but you'd think they'd have been trained to recoil in horror by the time they were assigned "research papers."

In any case, one has little hope that the schools will teach students to "navigate" the abhorrent leftism and anti-white, anti-male, anti-Western propaganda in their own curricula.

Ronn Neff comments: "Navigate," here, is a euphemism for "dismiss."

Modine Herbey comments: "Research papers"? Assigned in American schools, including government schools? Talk about astonishing!

Henry Gallagher Fields comments: We may be sure, however, that no one will ever cite anything at The Last Ditch. Not even libertarians — so loudly fearless and irreverent — do that. Ω

Posted June 17, 2018.

Ronn Neff: No Sabbatarians here. NPR has announced that it will add an hour to its "news" broadcasts on Saturday and Sunday. They say it is because the news doesn't stop on Friday. I'm more inclined to think that it's because socialist propaganda and attacks on reason and freedom should not rest on Saturday or Sunday.

But maybe I'm being overcritical here. Maybe it's just their way to spend the days in more devout worship of Moloch, or Kali, or whatever god they serve. Ω

Ronn Neff: Bad faith. The Left is flaunting their bad faith again, this time shedding their crocodile tears over the injustice of separating parents from their minor children by the enforcement of immigration laws. If they were sincere, they — like some libertarians — would call for the repeal of all immigration laws. Why don't they? I suggest that it is because as long as there are immigration laws, they have an issue for raising money and tempers.

As for minor children, does anyone believe for a second that they will join the protests to free British dissenter Tommy Robinson, who has three minor children? Of course they won't.

The entire fuss on these terms is absurd anyway. Are they prepared to protest the separation of arrested heroin dealers and drug lords from their families? Surely some of them have minor children. In fact, lots of criminals — actual criminals, not just people guilty of mala prohibita — get separated from their minor children every day. It does not get anyone's panties in a twist.

And you can bet that if they could put Donald Trump in prison, they wouldn't shed any tears for his minor child.

The only time arresting the perpetrator of a crime (malum prohibitum or malum in se) does not separate a parent from a minor child is when she's still pregnant.

Comments, June 18.

Modine Herbey: You'd think that a news reporter would tell us just what happens to those children separated from their parents. Or that some politician or "activist" would spill. You know, if it's really terrible, that would prop up their point. So what happens to the bambinos? Are they put in a British workhouse? Are they sent to be trained as tiny gardeners tending tiny gardens? Are they adopted by Angelina Jolie?

Actually, what happens is that they are put in centers where HHS takes care of them: feeding them, giving them medical care, and notifying relatives who aren't in prison to come get them (after making sure the relatives won't make them join MS-13).

David T. Wright: It occurs to me that the same people screaming about taking kids from their families are often the same ones who support the courts' taking kids away from their parents for specious reasons.

Douglas Olson: The same fanatics are determined to separate every possible fetus from its mother. Ω

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