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Nicholas Strakon
Publisher and editor
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Posted June 19, 2021.

Nicholas Strakon: Walter Block and I are on the same page with this one: “Is There a Silver Lining in the PC Woke Snowflake Cancel Culture?,” Lew (originally published at International Man), June 19, 2021.

Ever since this kind of thing really got rolling under Obama, I’d been waiting for someone to make the point Block makes, but all I’d seen — apart from the goofy rah-rah propaganda of the regime — had been anguished wails from national-security conservatives and apparent obliviousness from libertarians.

Imperium delendum est. Ω

Posted June 18, 2021.

Nicholas Strakon: “Juneteenth.” At VDARE, I find some ponderable commentary on the travesty recently enacted by leviathan: “GOP (with Brave Exceptions Like Rep. Matt Rosendale) Rolls Over for Anti-White Juneteenth Scam,” by “Washington Watcher II,” June 17, 2021.

The “Watcher” writes:

The vast majority of rank-and-file Republicans side with the skeptics. Only seven percent of Republicans polled by Gallup support it; 43 percent oppose it, and 50 percent don’t know or never heard of it. Even the general population isn’t enthusiastic for the holiday. Only 35 percent of those polled back it; 25 percent say no, and 40 percent don’t know or are unfamiliar with it.
The leftists who run the state schools (and most other schools) have no doubt been laboring to alleviate this tragic ignorance of one of the most important events in human history.
The one upside to all of this: July 4th will now be a day essentially for white Americans.
I’m afraid that for Americans white and otherwise, July 4th is mostly a day off devoted to burgers on the grill and fireworks. That’s unlikely to change soon.

In any case, I don’t buy the writer’s prediction that “Juneteenth” will come to overshadow July 4th. But maybe I should rephrase that. The Final Collapse will occur before it does. Perhaps the Chinese will eventually choose the holidays to be observed in whatever islets of organized society remain on this continent.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I oppose all government involvement in holidays. But the Central Government’s declarations that certain days shall be official holidays and other days shall not be are a valuable measure of what factions are dominant in the ruling apparatus at any given time, so I pay some attention to those declarations. One crude measure of our adversaries’ power is that, at present, they can add government holidays but cannot eliminate the traditional ones: Columbus Day and Christmas still survive. (It was not the Democrat Left who blurred Washington’s Birthday out of existence.)

I understand that American Negroes may seek to slap together an inspiring “people’s history,” even if they must do so using unlikely ingredients. And even if the events celebrated reflect white paternalism, as “Juneteenth” does. It’s when leviathan and all its loathsome stink-bug friends in the so-called private sector push the slumgullion into our face that I become, let’s say, fed up. Ω

One “Juneteenth” celebrant may have gotten an early start. Some good, sustained camera work here.
Posted June 13, 2021.

Nicholas Strakon: The inherent value of extortion. At Mises, Jeff Deist addresses a question that some anti-statists have posed: Why do the feds still bother to extort taxes from the ruled, when they can conjure all the magic dollars they want using their magic computers?

“The Real Tax Scandal,” June 9, 2021.
Excerpt: “... [F]ederal income taxes are almost entirely about control and not revenue.”

I suppose it’s one of those things that seem obvious — but only after some smart analyst points them out. Ω

Posted June 12, 2021.

Nicholas Strakon: In case you still harbor any doubt: “It’s Clear Now Anthony Fauci Isn’t A Fool, He’s A Villain,” by Georgi Boorman, The Federalist, June 7, 2021. Excerpt:

The policies Fauci pushed night and day for months destroyed millions of livelihoods, ensured a year of lost education especially for underprivileged kids, killed about 200,000 businesses, caused an alarming drop in critical blood donations, and bears much of the blame for ... thousands of additional lives lost by overdose (up 42 percent in 2020) and increased refusal to seek medical care due to concern about contracting COVID-19.
As an ignoramus, I take no position on either the lab-origin theory or the wet-market-origin theory. In fact, I still don’t know whether Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia or always at war with Eurasia. I will say that I don’t dismiss out of hand Julia’s theory that the rocket bombs striking Oceania are launched by the government of Oceania. Ω
Have you reread 1984 yet this year?
Nicholas Strakon: “Fear is crucial for state authority.” That’s not actually a quote from Robert Higgs. It’s from the honorable Glenn Greenwald, in an important piece at Substack that I missed when it came out on June 2. In case you did, too:
“The New Domestic War on Terror Has Already Begun — Even Without the New Laws Biden Wants.”
Editor’s intro: “Homeland Security just issued its fourth danger bulletin this year. And both the weapons and rhetorical tactics of the first War on Terror are increasingly visible.”

The regime has a history of such terrorizing, and Greenwald explores the past twenty years of it. It goes back much further than that, of course. Ω

Posted May 24, 2021.

David T. Wright and Nicholas Strakon: Strakon recently forwarded this Daily Caller piece to some fellow deplorables, including Dave Wright:

“Peter Doocy Presses Jen Psaki on ‘Climate Leadership’ after Biden Blocked Keystone XL Pipeline, but Allowed Putin’s Pipeline,” by Marlo Safi, May 21, 2021.
Strakon wrote: “A new reason to be disgusted with conservatives, or many of them, at least. They’re criticizing the Biden regime for being less imperialistic than Trump, in easing the economic warfare (‘sanctions’) against Russia.”

In effect, of course, the “sanctions” were also an act of aggression against Germany.

Mr. Wright was inspired to respond in this wise:

The Conservative playbook:

1. Accept your enemy’s premises.
2. Never challenge the enemy’s policy victories. Instead, wait a little bit and then pretend you were for them all along.
3. Use the enemy’s rhetorical language.
4. Avoid legislative fights.
5. Concentrate on boring issues such as tax cuts and “deregulation.”
6. Quote Martin Luther King a lot.
7. Be completely indifferent to history, culture, and tradition.
8. Support military spending no matter how outrageously expensive and wasteful.
9. Support aggression against weaker countries no matter how stupid and counterproductive.
10. Support Israeli interests no matter how destructive to American interests.
11. Treat your grassroots constituents with utter contempt between elections.
12. Don’t hesitate to condemn other conservatives for being too conservative.

It’s a recipe for victory every time! Ω

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