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Posted April 1, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Distance. The New York Post reported on March 30: "DC mayor threatens jail time for leaving home during coronavirus."

What we need these days is not social distancing so much as POLITICAL DISTANCING. Ω

Ronn Neff: Soo-PRAAHZ! Soo PRAAHZ! On March 30, Virginia Dictator Ralph Northam decreed — excuse me, "revolutionary leader" (leftists are never dictators) — that nonessential businesses more or less cease operation.

One cannot know what counts as nonessential (it is a property of dictatorships that laws not be objective — see Atlas Shrugged for a fuller treatment), but it is not as difficult to see what is essential. In Virginia, for example, the liquor stores remain open, though with somewhat shorter hours. Not only is liquor an important source of income for the Commonwealth ("As a revenue-generating agency of the Commonwealth, we do not rely on state funding. During budget difficulties or economic downturns, Virginia ABC is less susceptible to furloughs or layoffs," they boast on the ABC website), but the stores are operated by the Commonwealth. (They do not have the temerity to say that they are "owned," perhaps sensing that the concept carries within its bowels the sense of justice.) Ω

Ronn Neff: Spring reading: Since the first day of its existence, The Last Ditch has always recommended that 1984 be read often, even once a year. This year, in a time of ukases concerning the mobility of people who imagine themselves to be self-owners and free, we add some supplementary reading:

Ray Bradbury, "The Pedestrian."

Complete text.         A YouTube narration. Ω
Ronn Neff: Revolutionary leader Northam has also ordered that we Pompeiians of Virginia stay home except to conduct necessary business.

I've got $50 that says his order will not apply to abortuaries. Any takers? Ω

Posted March 27, 2020.

Ronn Neff: It takes an anarchist. Is anyone else getting tired of hearing that stuff being done by Congress is wrong because this is a "government of the people, by the people, for the people"?

Lesson #1: That phrase is not in the Constitution.

Lesson #2: It's not in the Declaration of Independence.

Lesson #3: It's not in any official document whatever.

Lesson #4: It comes a speech given by a president who at the time was waging war against some of "the people."

Lesson #5: The tragedy of all this is that it takes an anarchist to explain all this crap to conservatives who say they love America, its history, its traditions, and its Constitution.

My aunt Loralee Jean they do! Ω

Posted March 26, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Several bank branches in these here parts are closed, except for their ATMs. Most banks still have their drive-throughs open. And some lobbies are open by appointment.

Now, a speculation.

I keep wondering whether this wuhamania will end up serving as an important turning point on the war on cash. When you use your credit card or debit card, the teller doesn't have to touch any dirty old cash, and you yourself do the swiping or chip-inserting. Ω

Posted March 25, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Was you ever bit by a dead bee? There has been some discussion of the effectiveness of "herd immunity." The idea is that those who are highly vulnerable to a virus should confine themselves ("self-quarantine") and those who are less vulnerable should continue to go about their business as usual. The idea is that the virus will have no place "to land" and will become more or less unthreatening.

This strategy cannot be employed in America, with the result that all must suffer more inconvenience than is necessary. Why can it not be employed?

Because it would be discriminatory. Ω

Posted March 18, 2020.

Ronn Neff: One wag pointed out that for three years, the Dems have been calling Donald Trump "Hitler." Now they say he's not being Hitler enough.

Where's a Hitler when you need him? Ω

Ronn Neff: What to do, what to do. Last year there were 36,560 people killed in auto accidents, which works out to about 100 a day. Every day. For a year. 100.

And no one thinks very much of it and everyone just goes about driving here and there as though they're going to live forever.

We are grateful to the toilet-paper-buying public of America for showing us the way to deal with this terrible statistic.

Self-quarantine. Ω

Posted March 16, 2020.

Ronn Neff: One of the problems with the many coronashutdowns is trying to imagine what comes next. I'll give you an idea of what I mean:

Where I live, the Harris Teeter grocery stores, normally open 24 hours, will now be closing at 9 pm. The time between then and opening will be used for "sanitizing" the store.

Now when people come to their senses (relatively speaking), what is Harris Teeter supposed to do? Announce that they don't need to do all that pesky sanitation work anymore? Implicitly concede that the stores were not sanitized before and they won't be again?

Or will all that is being lost (e.g., the possibility of purchasing some canned fruit cocktail at 3 am) be permanently lost? Or lost until people forget what happened in 2020?

Another idea altogether: will children invent some new game about the spread of the coronvirus (along the lines, it is said, of "Ring Around a Rosie" as a playful reenactment of the Black Plague)? Ω

Ronn Neff: Just wondering: Do Mexican liberals in Mexico refer to the Indian populations there as "Native Mexicans"?

Canada, of course, has opted for "Indigenous Peoples," but why, oh why, did they reject "Native Canadians"? Ω

Posted March 15, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Getting in touch with my inner Randian: The Left — always aware that "you never let a serious crisis go to waste" — have relaxed their efforts to impoverish us with their "save the planet" nonsense, and now focus on impoverishing us with their alarmist coronavirus politics ("coronapolitics"). But it must just kill them, you know, to have to appeal to our self-interest instead of our impulse for self-destructive sacrifice. Ω

Ronn Neff: Now that we know it's racist to refer to the coronavirus as the Wuhan virus, will the Politically Correct crowd set about to change all textbooks referring to:

The Spanish Flu
The German Measles
The West Nile Virus
The French Disease
The Bohemian Quarter
The Blue Danube Waltz ...?

My real fear is that it will turn out to be "time-ist" to refer to the Three-Day-Measles.

Or the nineteenth century. Ω

Posted February 5, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Solving the impeachment embarrassment. Back in 2010, concerned that she might not get Obamacare passed in the House, Nancy Pelosi considered using a procedure by which the House could "deem" that it had been passed without a vote.

After Donald Trump's acquittal, maybe she could try deeming him to have been convicted and removed from office. That might spare her and the rest of the Left a great deal of anguish.

For that matter, following the debacle of the Iowa caucuses, how about deeming Donald Trump to have lost the 2020 election, and getting around to declaring who the winner was later? You know ... after they decide whom to deem as the winner. Ω

Posted January 22, 2020.

Ronn Neff: Again and again I hear that people who attended the Second Amendment rally in Richmond hope the legislators will "hear what the people are saying" or "listen to the people" or something like that.

Surely the leftist legislators could (and will?) reply, "Yes, we listen to the people. They voted for US. They voted for OUR agenda."

And those with a more sardonic sense of humor may go so far as to say, "By the principles of democracy and elections, the people (including you) chose US." Ω

Posted January 8, 2020.

Ronn Neff: But for Wales? The Democrats are insisting that there cannot be a "fair" impeachment trial without witnesses. (They forget that the call for a "fair trial" usually refers to a fair trial for the defendant, not for the prosecutors.)

I thought of this the other night when I watched the 1988 performance of "A Man for All Seasons" (the one with Charlton Heston and Vanessa Redgrave). During More's trial, there is a witness — indeed, only one.

And he is a perjurer. Ω

David T. Wright: There's no holiday from the Revolution!

Columbus Day is now Indigenous People's Day, because racism.
Thanksgiving is a celebration of white atrocities to native people.
Washington's Birthday was deep-sixed to make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day because, well, racism.
Christmas is under attack from both sides: on the one by the relentless consumerization, on the other by the efforts of the Left to destroy it.
Easter, ditto.

But we've still got New Year's, right?

Think again! —

"'The Slaves Dread New Year's Day the Worst': The Grim History of January 1," by Olivia B. Waxman, TIME, December 27, 2019. Ω

Nicholas Strakon: The Evil Empire has sickened but survived under a long line of psychopathic Emperors. Maybe someone even more ... unusual was needed to deliver the fatal blows.

At Gold Goats 'n Guns, Thomas Luongo writes: "After Soleimani Killing Suddenly the U.S. Is Alone" (January 6, 2020).

We can only hope it is so.

I hadn't encountered President Putin's observation before that the U.S. is "not agreement capable," but it seems to be an accurate assessment. The first thing Vladimir Vladimirovich was thinking of, surely, was Poppy Bush and James Baker's promise of no NATO expansion eastward after the fall of the Iron Curtain, in return for Russia's acquiescing in German reunification. NATO expansion eastward began in '99. (Let's see ... who was Emperor then?) Ω

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