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A strange moment at the AR 


I, too, attended the AR Conference, and easily the strangest moment came during the question-and-answer period after Joe Sobran's speech. In the course of it, Sobran had made a few comments about the homosexual agenda in conjunction with same-sex unions. He employed once again a favorite quotation of his from G.K. Chesterton that refers to "the modern and morbid habit of always sacrificing the normal to the abnormal."

One of those who stood in line to ask Sobran a question was a fellow who took issue with Sobran's use of the concept "normal" while discussing homosexuality. In what sense, he asked, could homosexuality be considered abnormal, since it had a genetic origin? Sobran replied, and the man, dissatisfied with the answer, repeated his theme. In the exchanges that followed it was clear that the questioner was becoming ever more agitated, and that he simply did not get Sobran's point that the normal and the abnormal have nothing to do with statistics.

In the end, the fellow said that he simply disagreed with Sobran — and he stormed out of the banquet hall. A few questioners later, a slightly androgynous-looking, nattily dressed younger chap (who had worn his natty hat indoors the whole conference) came to the microphone to say that he agreed with the earlier questioner about the genetic origin of homosexuality.

This second fellow was wearing a pin that indicated that he was a member of the National Alliance. The previous questioner may have been, also, though I saw no pin on him.

I venture my own judgment — as one who has lived in the Washington, D.C., area for 35 years and who spent a fair amount of that time as a member of a high-church Episcopal congregation — that both men were homosexuals. I was under the impression that the National Alliance was inhospitable to homosexuality, but perhaps its policy has more of a "don't ask, don't tell" character when it comes down to the actual application.

In any case, what amused and puzzled me most about these exchanges was this: whether homosexuality is of a genetic origin or not is really quite beside the point of whether it is hostile to white Western and Christian civilization. (Not that the National Alliance cares a whit about Christian civilization.) Surely that should be clear to anyone who believes that race — which is of a genetic origin if anything is — is a legitimate basis of social and geopolitical exclusion and that casual attitudes about race are similarly destructive of Western and Christian civilization.

March 5, 2004

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