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March 5, 2023.

Edna St. Louis Missouri begins her latest remonstrance by noticing an odd tendency on the part of the “mainstream” media. (Noticing odd things is something of a lost art nowadays.) Toward the end of her essay, she names the model news person for our times. Perfect choice, I’d say!

Who cares about (fake) news?

May 2, 2022.

Edward Morrison Morley describes the wonders of the American oligarchy, inflation enhanced by shoddiness, Stakeholder Capitalism, and much, much more in “Short takes,” no. 7.


April 24, 2022.

Edward Morrison Morley has crafted another quarrel of “Short takes” (no. 6 in the series) on our marvelous modern world. Very disrespectful, I must say.


April 16, 2022.

The intrepid Edward Morrison Morley offers a new set of “Short takes” (no. 5) on the, uh, cogitations of our designated supervisors. And their servants.


March 14, 2022.

Have you heard? A great but flawed statesman is seeking redemption! Or understanding, at least, since he doesn’t really have much of anything to confess ...

Somehow retaining his sense of humor, Melvin Ardmore holds his nose and comments:

Looks like we might have Cuomo to kick around some more

March 6, 2022.

David T. Wright returns with a Wright from Washington City dispatch arguing compellingly that the “universal hegemon” has lumbered into big, big trouble — dragging us hapless helots along with it, of course.

Ukraine and the U.S. Empire
The worm turns

March 3, 2022.

I’m pleased to post Melvin Ardmore’s first free-standing article today, in which he describes the loving efforts of the national tax police to keep its fangs — no! typo! mistake! — I mean fingers on the pulse of the American herd. No! People! I meant to write American people! Anyhow, here it is. I gotta run.

Big Brother: Call your office!

January 31, 2022.

Look at what the Democrats have cooked up now. It’s yet another dang bill. And this one’s a gigantic steaming pile of a bill, as the redoubtable Edna St. Louis Missouri shows in her inimitable way:

Good news for Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, comrades!

January 26, 2022.

He’s done it again! Edward Morrison Morley, I mean:

Sort of short takes. (Short takes, no. 4)
I told Mr. Morley that three of his “takes” in particular prompted superheated steam to shoot out of my ears. See whether you can guess which three they were.


January 20, 2022.

Pursuing his “short takes” series, Edward Morrison Morley again digs into some remarkable news items you may have missed, or — if you did see them — he helps you see them his way!

(Semi)short (mis)takes. (Short takes, no. 3)

January 13, 2022.

My hope is already realized! Here is the second installment of shorties by Edward Morrison Morley: More short takes. (Short takes, no. 2)


January 10, 2022.

I hope our sharp-eyed Edward Morrison Morley will send us more of these Short takes!


December 3, 2021.

In transports of joy and excitement, Edna St. Louis Missouri celebrates the derring-do of our progressive supervisors in winning a glorious victory on the Petroleum Front, while simultaneously battling inflation almost as effectively as the famous statesgods Jimmy Carter and Gerald (“Whip Inflation Now!”) Ford.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! — The oil crisis is resolved!


September 30, 2021.

Edna St. Louis Missouri has hit the big time! Today I’ve posted her first free-standing article at TLD. I think you’ll agree that her trenchant “Stop and think” observations have earned her this honor. She reports here on the monstrous melding of Big Tech and Giant Government.

Back from the undead: The Military-Industrial Complex raises its ugly head once more
I especially like her elucidation of the Feasance Theory of Government. Utopians beware!


September 23, 2021.

In his latest release, Edward Morrison Morley asks “Why?” concerning a number of matters, and the System of Satan, from its smoky, tenebrous, and mephitic pit, growls back, “Why not?”

OK, to be accurate, TLD headquarters hasn’t yet received a response from our demonic rulers and their busy imps, but Mr. Morley’s needle-pointed questions — and observations — are quite good enough for now.

With respect to a stylistic oddity you may notice in Mr. Morley’s essay, I assure you that it is no more than a temporary expression of eccentricity. Mr. Morley was once declared sane by a court in the delightfully exotic former Republic of Zubrowka, so ... there.

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