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October 6, 2018.  Senior editor Ronn Neff’s latest Unsilent Truth column has to do with the Kavanaugh confirmation — though, hallelujah! not with Kavanaugh himself — as well as other events touching on Problems of Democracy and Representative Government.

True, Mr. Neff’s analysis may be somewhat depressing for believers in all that stuff, but, hey! The column at least has an inspiring title:

“You are free to vote ...”

September 26, 2018. Some of us have concluded that the U.S. Empire has entered its dotage. Its superiority in advanced weaponry has helped to preserve its swagger even in its old age, as it has continued to push other countries around or even invade them. But David T. Wright's assessment of the current competition in advanced armaments makes the old Empire's swagger look more like a stagger:

"Watch out: Russia can defend itself."
You probably already knew about the obscene disaster of the F-35, but you may find Mr. Wright's report on Russian weaponry and tactics to be revelatory.

September 3, 2018. In this essay, senior editor Ronn Neff takes a look back at what we at TLD sometimes call the American Minitrue and finds that nothing has changed — for the good, that is. You're no doubt aware that the established media are left-wing now, but aided by the past work of another dissident writer, Mr. Neff explores just what their leanings (and tactics) were like fifty years ago:

"The art of twisting the news: Ventriloquists and their dummies."

July 18, 2018. I've told senior editor Ronn Neff that one of his special strengths as a thinker is his ability to come up with new and ingenious angles from which to analyze the implications of statism. If you don't already know what I mean, you'll find out when you read Mr. Neff's latest essay.

Prepare to find out about tricky museums, stubborn triangles, breaking spells, and:

"Eating the serpent."

June 21, 2018. We've been wondering and worrying for almost a year, but now all of us here at The Last Ditch Tower are breathing a sigh of relief! Yes, Nicholas Strakon, the big boss, has received a new missive from none other than our much-too-infrequent correspondent Sally Druthers. And it turns out that Miss Druthers is now working diligently in service to the national interest, the public good, the general welfare, homeland security, and, you know, whatever else.

Strakon, of course, replies in his usual positive and encouraging manner.

"On the 'Daily lease' and rectifying the ministry's information about Strakon"

May 8, 2018. You never know just what you're going to get here at TLD. Did you ever think you'd see any of our writers maintain that the "music" figure Kanye West may have experienced a (relative) "moment of lucidity"? Well, that's exactly what senior editor Ronn Neff maintains in this "Unsilent Truth" column. Mr. Neff also has something to say about Mr. West's critics, whose lucid moment is perhaps still to come.

"Choosing slavery: 1865 - 1619 ≠ 400"

March 6, 2018. #MeToo, so called, is a faction of recent vintage, but well-placed feminists of both sexes have long been chewing away at one particular foundation of our culture: the language of Christianity. In his latest "Unsilent Truth" column, senior editor Ronn Neff exposes some of the rectifications they've made, and where they lead.

"Give me that new-time religion: It's good enough for #MeToo."

February 13, 2018. A letter from a reader of Ronn Neff's column "The coming tyranny: After finding the flue" (January 29) has prompted a substantial reply from Mr. Neff. Given its grave subject matter, I hesitate to admit that I found his reply not only illuminating but also entertaining. That may help demonstrate what an odd bunch we TLDers really are, but I think it also shows the range of Mr. Neff's intelligence and the power of his writing.

I thank our reader for prodding Mr. Neff to expand on his subject so eloquently.

"Reply to a reader about 'The coming tyranny' — The question of hope"

Mr. Neff's original column.

January 29, 2018. In a new "Unsilent Truth" column, senior editor Ronn Neff observes the mental trajectory of our enemies — both those now in power and those screaming for it — and assesses our prospects. This is not a counsel of despair but an outburst of realism:

"The coming tyranny: After finding the flue"

January 18, 2018. Reviewing a book by conservative Mark Levin, Paul LeMoyne plumbs the possibilities of a constitutional convention and the challenges inherent in it:

"Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments"

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