Notes for Revision and Expansion
Of “Objectivism and Theism”

(In Progress)
Part One
• 00a Introduction
• 00b History of the Argument 
• 01a— Objectivism and Theism (revised)
  (A transcript of the unrevised version of the argument is available on-line here
  and the original audio is available here.)
Part Two
• 02a Objections Based on Axiomatics
• 03aObjections Based on Natural Selection 
• 03bMiscellaneous Objections, Part 1 
NNN • 03cMiscellaneous Objections, Part 2  
• 03dSummary: Objectivism presupposes theism 
• 04aVarious Meanings of “Faith” 
• 04bGod and Infinity 
• 04cGod and Pure Consciousness  
• 05aGod and Omnipotence (1): Omnipotence and the Nature of Things 
• 05bGod and Omnipotence (2): Omnipotence and Contradiction   
• 05cGod and Omnipotence (3): A Historical Digression 
• 05dContradiction and Miracles; The Fatalist Fallacy; Natural Law  
• 06aGod, Omniscience, and Freedom  
• 06bGod, Omniscience, and Non-Effort  
• 06cGod, Goodness, and Freedom
• 07Disasters, Pain, Evil In Progress (most recent addition: April 25, 2021) 
• 07a— Negative Theology 
Part Three
• 08aThe First Cause Argument 
• 08b— An Objectivist Version of the First Cause Argument 
• 08c— Some Attributes of the First Cause 
• 09a— Life, Design, Retrospect  
• 09b— Agnosticism, Heaven, Responsibility, Pessimism, Foxholes
• 10a— Anaesthesia  
• 11aWhere Do We Go from Here / Historical Considerations 
• 11b— Ayn Rand on Competition
• 11c— Ayn Rand on Art and the Expression of the Moral Ideal 
• 12aAfterword: On Prayer
• 12bAfterword: Sample Prayers
Part Four 

— Appendices (by Ronald N. Neff)
• 13Introduction, with a Prolegomemon to Attempts to Refute Kiefer
• 14Sacrifice
• 15— Objectivism and Love, Service to Others, and Altruism
• 16— Objectivism and Mercy, Pity, and Forgiveness
• 17— God, the Supernatural, the Natural, and Reason
• 18Kant and Faith 
• 19a— A Discussion by Tibor Machan
• 19b— Reply to Tibor Machan
• 20— Original Sin

   † Omniscience is a subjectivist concept (The primacy of existence over consciousness)
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