The Times of India
November 6, 2001
Afghan reconstruction may take years, huge funds


What the above story means in a nutshell is that the United States
is at war with what are possibly the poorest, most miserable people on
the face of the earth. Another INDIA TIMES story today says that UNICEF
has predicted that at least 100,000 Afghan children will die if aid does
not reach them in the next few weeks.

Today also comes news that the United States is now using the so called 
Daisy Cutter or Cheeseburger fuel-air bomb in Afghanistan. This monstrosity
is the most powerful nonnuclear bomb known to exist. It flattens an
area equal to that of six football fields, and kills people in an even
larger area. On the most popular morning radio talk show in Washington
this morning, the co-hosts, Tim and Andy, were making jokes about it.

Can you say collateral damage, boys and girls?

On another note, one can only speculate on what further horrors await
the Afghan people once the Asian Development Bank gets its hooks into

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