David T. Wright is one of the premier writers for The Last Ditch, and a lover of the news.

He searches out news stories you would probably otherwise miss and his sardonic eye penetrates the absurdities and implications that you can be sure will not be be discussed on TV, on talk radio, or on the talking-head shows. He is not misled by the legerdemain that would have you look one direction while the real action is taking place in the other.

And he invites your comments on his observations.

Every entry includes the URL for the original story (Thornwalker.com wouldn’t dream of violating a copyright by reprinting it without permission!) and David Wright’s comments. The title shown below is sometimes Wright’s, sometimes the original publication’s. Thornwalker cannot guarantee that off-site files will be maintained as long as our links to them are, but once we discover that a link is dead, we will cease to show it as live. Readers are encouraged to notify us if they find broken links. It may also be worthwhile checking to see whether the story can be found at www.archive.org.

Once you’re good and addicted to Wright’s comments on the news, be sure to check out his substantive essays and observations at The Last Ditch. A good essay to begin with is Why Did They Do It? Wright’s list of U.S. policies and practices that led to the September 11, 2001 atrocities.

Archived N&Cs will be maintained on this site indefinitely.

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April 10, 2003
  •   Meanwhile, Back in Afghanistan
March 31, 2003
  •   Rumsfeld Screws Up
March 28, 2003
Watch for updates to Wright’s report
with addtional examples.

  •   You Are the Enemy
The policeman is not your friend.
March 28, 2003
  •   Obscenity in Baghdad
November 3, 2002
  •   Vidal accuses “Bush junta” of complicty in 9/11 attacks
August 6, 2002
  •   Israel is committing retail genocide,
part 2
May 31, 2002
  •   U.S. Troops ordered to kill civilians
May 29, 2002
(posted May 31, 2002)
  •   The fruits of war
May 28, 2002   •   War is hell
May 17, 2002
(posted May 30, 2002)
  •   A field day for the conspiracy theorists
April 29, 2002
(posted May 25, 2002)
  •   Sharon's plan is to drive Palestinians across the Jordan
March 10, 2002   •   U.S. commanders stabbed in the back
March 10, 2002   •   U.S. troops get their butts kicked, part three
February 20, 2002   •   A tale of three killers
January 22, 2002   •   Israel is committing retail genocide
January 17, 2002   •   Why we fight, part 2
It makes a fella prouder.
January 16, 2002   •   Why we fight, part 1
It makes a fella proud.
January 10, 2002   •   Zalmay has two faces
A Taliban lobbyist is now the U.S. envoy to Afghanistan.
January 10, 2002   •   Playing with nuclear fire
How the U.S. war on terrorism could precipitate a nuclear war between other countries
January 9, 2002   •   Mistakes happen
January 5, 2002   •   The fiend escapes
December 7, 2001   •   Legacy of the warmongers
December 6, 2001   •   Did the United States go to war for oil?
December 4, 2001   •   The Oriental wiliness of Ariel Sharon
December 4, 2001   •   A village is destroyed
December 1, 2001   •   CIA blunder sparked Taleban revolt that became a mass suicide
November 29, 2001   •   The Running Dogs of U.S. Imperialism
November 19, 2001   •   Did U.S. bomb Al-Jazeera on purpose? Does a bear ...
November 16, 2001   •   Bush to name Justice Department after a Kennedy
November 14, 2001   •   Police state
November 11, 2001   •   Mujaheddin write their name in blood
November 10, 2001   •   Death of an inconvenient man
November 7, 2001   •   Alliance’s suave chief who shows America the way
November 6, 2001   •   Elite U.S. commandos get their butts kicked, part two
November 6, 2001   •   Afghan reconstruction may take years, huge funds
November 2, 2001   •   War of the words — a new Devil’s Dictionary
November 2, 2001   •   Serbian ethnic cleansing scare was a fake, says general
October 3, 2001   •   Just who are our allies in Afghanistan?
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