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Alliance's suave chief who shows America the way
November 7, 2001


From the DAILY TELEGRAPH, here's something that doesn't get a whole lot
of exposure in the American press:

> "Until two months ago, America supported Pakistan, the Taliban and Osama 
> bin Laden. We need a long time before we trust America." (quote by Charismatic 
> Northern Alliance General)

This support, of course, had a lot to do with American machinations in
the Balkans, supporting Islamic "guerillas" (a charitable term) in their
ethnic cleansing operations against Catholics and Orthodox Christians.
The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which supports itself through the
heroin trade and forced prostitution in addition to U.S. handouts, is
closely allied with bin Laden and the Taliban. And the United States is 
closely  allied with the KLA. As with Perfidious Albion in the 19th 
century, expanding and maintaining the U.S. empire requires frequent 
betrayal of erstwhile allies and/or playing each side against the other.

The DAILY TELEGRAPH article also reveals that the Northern Alliance, the
former bad guys (brutal murderers, et cetera) who are now the good guys
fighting the former good guys (liberators from the Soviets, allies
against Russia and the nasty Serbs) who are now bad guys (brutal
murderers, supporters of Osama bin Laden, who also used to be a good guy
but later became a bad guy) ... where was I? Oh, yeah; the current
good guys aren't happy with the way the United States is fighting the war.

It seems that after the disastrous commando raid on Mullah Omar's empty
house, the American generals have taken to bombing large swathes of
territory to destroy a few Taliban trenches and foxholes, using that
venerable symbol of American overkill, the B-52. Along with the use of
the 15,000-lb. fuel-air "daisy cutter" bomb, which wipes out all life in
a half-mile radius, this looks a lot as though the U.S. military hasn't got 
a clue about what to do, or isn't willing to risk what it takes. Instead,
they're making a lot of noise and destruction, something like a big,
expensive temper tantrum. So much for "precision surgical strikes."

And remember. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

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