From Britain's INDEPENDENT
A village is destroyed. And America says nothing happened
  by Richard Lloyd Parry in Kama Ado, Afghanistan
December 4, 2001


A while back I commented that when the United State makes a statement
about bombing, the default setting on one's truth meter should always be
set to "lie." Here's further evidence why:

> In another room are the only riches that these people had, six dead 
> cows lying higgledy-piggledy and distended by decay. And all this is 
> very strange because, on Saturday morning  when American B-52s unloaded 
> dozen of bombs that killed 115 men, women and children nothing happened.
> We know this because the US Department of Defence told us so....
> A Pentagon spokesman, questioned about reports of civilian casualties in 
> eastern Afghanistan, explained that they were not true, because the US is 
> meticulous in selecting only military targets associated with Osama bin 
> Laden's al-Qa'ida network. Subsequent Pentagon utterances on the subject 
> have wobbled somewhat, but there has been no retraction of that initial 
> decisive statement: "It just didn't happen."
> So God knows what kind of a magic looking-glass I stepped through 
> yesterday, as I travelled out of the city of Jalalabad along the desert 
> road to Kama Ado. From the moment I woke up, I was confronted with the 
> wreckage and innocent victims of high-altitude, hi-tech, thousand-pound 
> nothings.

What the hell, though. They're only ragheads. They don't count the same
way the heroic victims of 9/11 do, do they?

Do they?

Write Wright.

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