The Independent
A chamber of horrors so close to the 'Garden of Eden'
  by Andy Kershaw
December 1, 2001


The Independent is a British newspaper that does not truckle to the
Establishment. Its bias is decidedly left-wing, but now that so-called
conservative publications in the United States and Britain have become
cheerleaders for war, that's the kind of sin I can forgive. At least
they seem to hate Tony Blair as much as I.

At a time when neo-Trot weasels like Bill Kristol are practically
foaming at the mouth for a new war against Iraq, it's a good time to
reflect on what we've already done to the Iraqi people for their 
heinous sin of being subject to a ruthless dictator. Reporter Andy 
Kershaw writes about what he saw in a hospital in Basrah:

> During the Gulf war, Britain and the United States pounded the city 
> and its surroundings with 96,000 depleted-uranium shells. The 
> wretched creatures in the photographs -- for they were scarcely 
> human -- are the result, Dr Amer said.
> He guided me past pictures of children born without eyes, without 
> brains. Another had arrived in the world with only half a head, 
> nothing above the eyes. Then there was a head with legs, babies 
> without genitalia, a little girl born with her brain outside her 
> skull and the whatever-it-was whose eyes were below the level of 
> its nose.
> Then the chair-grabbing moment -- a photograph of what I can
> only describe (inadequately) as a pair of buttocks with a face
> and two amphibian arms. Mercifully, none of these babies survived 
> for long.
> Depleted uranium has an incubation period in humans of five years. 
> In the four years from 1991 (the end of the Gulf war) until 1994, 
> the Basrah Maternity Hospital saw 11 congenital anomalies. Last 
> year there were 221.

People like Kristol and his fire-breathing neo-Trot cohort, Michael
Ledeen, don't seem to care much about the effects of their jihads on the
innocent. Ledeen, especially, seems to have some serious issues
regarding Muslims. Talk about foaming at the mouth: on the NATIONAL 
REVEIW website today he forgets about periods as he rants against,
apparently, Muslims in general:

[Editor's note: Michael Leeden's piece is titled, "How to Lose It" The 
stridency of this particular piece suggests that he has lost it indeed.]

> All those years  mostly Clinton years, by the way, lest we forget they 
> insulted us, they preached hatred against us, they laughed at us and our 
> effeminate ways, and they dreamed of their day of glory, plotting and 
> scheming and anticipating how wonderful it would be, vengeance for 
> hundreds of years of humiliation and shame. And then when they decided 
> their moment had come, and they attacked, it was a glorious moment.
> Or so they thought. But then they learned otherwise, and now they are 
> being killed like stray dogs in Afghanistan, and we must be sure, 
> absolutely positively certain, that this is the memory that will last, 
> and we can only be sure of this if we defeat them all, so that no one is 
> left behind to say, "if only they had listened to me, glory would have
> been ours."
> ... We need to sustain our game face, we must keep our fangs bared, we 
> must remind them daily that we Americans are in a rage, and we will not 
> rest until we have avenged our dead, we will not be sated until we have 
> had the blood of every miserable little tyrant in the Middle East, until 
> every leader of every cell of the terror network is dead or locked 
> securely away, and every last drooling anti-Semitic and anti-American 
> mullah, imam, sheikh, and ayatollah is either singing the praises of the
> United States of America, or pumping gasoline, for a dime a gallon, on 
> an American military base near the Arctic Circle.

Hoohoohoohahaha! They laughed at us! They plotted and schemed! Kill them

With the veins popping out on his forehead, Ledeen demands that we go to
war against any Muslim that looks at us sideways. He warns the United 
States and Israel (!) against being seen as weak-kneed peaceniks. "Every 
few days we show alarming signs of being 'reasonable,' and 'evenhanded,'" 
he growls. None of that lily-livered reasonableness for us: "We must be
imperious, ruthless, and relentless," he roars. "No compromise with evil; 
we want total surrender."

Over here, Mikey. Here's a nice little couch with restraining straps on
it. Lie down and take a Valium, and we'll send in a nice nurse's
assistant to sponge your face.

Seeing as these guys are so free and easy about sending in other men's
sons to take other people's lives, maybe they should get the chance to
show everybody how it's done. Here's my idea. Put Ledeen and Kristol and
that disgusting Charles Krauthammer in battle dress and parachutes, and
equip them with MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat), M-16s, and lots of ammo. Fly
them over Iraq in a C-130, and kick them out the back. The paraplegic
Krauthammer we can strap into an all-terrain wheelchair.

We can give them Arabic phrase books with sentences that say things like, 
"Surrender immediately! Resistance is futile!" and "We are representatives 
of the great and good United States. We are here to liberate you from the 
evil Saddam!"

Good clean fun, so far, right? To make it even more entertaining, we
could mount little TV cameras on their helmets connected to satellite
uplinks. With the boom in "reality TV" showing little sign of letting up, 
I'm sure Fox TV would jump at the chance to broadcast their adventures. Of 
course, we'd have to be sure to tattoo their names and Social Security 
numbers on the bottoms of their feet, to aid later in identification.

Write Wright.
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