Daily Telegraph
Sharon's plan is to drive Palestinians across the Jordan
  by Martin van Creveld
April 29, 2002


Martin van Creveld is a self-hating Jew, according to the standards set by 
the pro-Israeli establishment in the United States. This is because he is 
critical of the vicious occupation of the West Bank and other actions of 
the Israeli military state: he has written a revealing book entitled THE 

Creveld, writing in the very pro-Israeli DAILY TELEGRAPH, says that Israeli 
prime minister Ariel Sharon, also known as the Butcher of Sabra and 
Chatila, is waiting for an eruption in the Middle East to launch his Final 
Solution of the Palestinian question: driving all two million Palestinians 
out of the West Bank by military force. Such pretexts that might offer 
themselves include an invasion of Iraq by our Alfred E. Newman president 
("What, me worry?"), or perhaps a devastating terror bombing in Israel:

> Should such circumstances arise, then Israel would mobilise 
> with lightning speed -- even now, much of its male population 
> is on standby.

> First, the country's three ultra-modern submarines would take 
> up firing positions out at sea. Borders would be closed, a news 
> blackout imposed, and all foreign journalists rounded up and 
> confined to a hotel as guests of the Government.
> A force of 12 divisions, 11 of them armoured, plus various 
> territorial units suitable for occupation duties, would be 
> deployed: five against Egypt, three against Syria, and one 
> opposite Lebanon. This would leave three to face east as well 
> as enough forces to put a tank inside every Arab-Israeli 
> village just in case their populations get any funny ideas.
> The expulsion of the Palestinians would require only a few 
> brigades. They would not drag people out of their houses but 
> use heavy artillery to drive them out; the damage caused to 
> Jenin would look like a pinprick in comparison.
> Any outside intervention would be held off by the Israeli air 
> force. In 1982, the last time it engaged in large-scale 
> operations, it destroyed 19 Syrian anti-aircraft batteries and 
> shot down 100 Syrian aircraft against the loss of one.

Of course, that Israel has been attempting to implement a Wansee-style 
Final Solution has been apparent for some time: see my earlier posting,
"Israel is committing retail genocide." However, if you get your 
information from the mainstream press in the United States, you would
hardly guess this. That's why this story is so interesting. Apparently in 
Britain, even the pro-Israeli press -- and no newspaper in Britain is more 
pro-Israeli than the TELEGRAPH -- feels the need to have some balance on 
the Palestine issue. It highlights the utter moral bankruptcy of our own 
news-entertainment establishment.

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