May 17, 2007

Strakon Lights Up

Heidi and the African
The horror behind the horror

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The white-racist, anti-Semitic magazine Instauration — which folded some years ago — sometimes printed preposterosities such as the declaration that Isaac Stern couldn't be a superb violinist, seeing as how he was a Jew. But I still mined the mag avidly for the genuine nuggets that regularly appeared. One idea Instauration rang the changes on, from time to time, was what it called the "aesthetic prop." We live, of course, at a time when cultural morale has been destroyed among almost all whites, along with the understanding that the continuation of the white race is a sine qua non for the continuation of the civilization that white Westerners built. All that was left to most white Westerners, Instauration maintained, was the "aesthetic prop" — the deeply, deeply founded preference among whites for traditional white norms of appearance, conformation, and other physical attributes. (I can't remember whether Instauration delved into this part of it, but there is some reason to suspect that a genetic predisposition in favor of the "prop" exists, at least insofar as members of alien races tend to smell different, and less pleasing, to members of a given race.)

Plausibly enough, Instauration represented the "aesthetic prop" as the last remaining barrier to wholesale mongrelization; and it was a nice consolation while it lasted. But now, if I may coin a phrase, The End Is Near.

Or so it seems. Recently we've heard that interracial mating is increasing significantly even among ostensibly normal people, after years of advancing to virtual de rigueur status among the oddballs of the entertainment industry. Certainly the moguls of mass entertainment are working harder and harder every year to see miscegenation mainstreamed; and, having long since won their cultural war, they are now working hand in hand with all the other Dark Forces in our society, including the state schools, to destroy the identity of whites even biologically.

The explicit propaganda dished out by the Forces is important — you know, all the guff about how it's nicey-nice to have nicey-nice "friends" from all the nicey-nice races (which races, nicey-nicely enough, don't actually exist) — but I'd maintain that those lessons are no more important than the role models engineered by the entertainment moguls. White youths have few if any contemporary heroes of their own folk to admire, and the Forces discourage them from learning about heroes of the past or even, for that matter, what might constitute heroism; and relatively few parents, it appears, try any longer to transmit the premises of the white West in any more-mundane way. In consequence, white youths are condemned to model themselves on sports champions, Hollywood stars, rock and rap "music" figures, and — now we get to it — supermodels. As girls try to imitate supermodels, boys try to impersonate those whom supermodels find attractive.

Recently a racial-realist mail list that I belong to sent out horrifying photographs featuring the Nordic goddess and supermodel Heidi Klum together with the giant, very dark, scarred-up, scary-looking African to whom she's currently married (or mated, at least). Included in the pictures was the issue of their liaison, an odd-looking mulatto of a toddler, and also Klum's very white daughter, still herself a toddler and the issue of Klum's momentary first marriage to a fellow German. [1] The mulatto is new to me, but I've seen pictures of Klum with her large African before; he is one of those confected celebrities who go by only one name, typically an odd one; and the moniker designed for this one is "Seal." For their usual mysterious reasons the moguls have re-engineered this tribesman into a pop singer and awarded him a remunerative career; I have had the displeasure of hearing the fellow sing, so I can testify to the mystery.

I'm a fat man, and I really should keep gazing at all the pictures of Klum and the African I can find, because every time I see them together I lose my appetite. In fact I become a little nauseated, as well as more than a little enraged. Well, you can imagine the reactions expressed by members of the mail list, most of whom seem more radical on these subjects than I. For example, the headline on the basic package, as I received it, is "ABSOLUTELY SATANIC!"

Included as a part of the horror-package was a column by Susan Crain Bakos, represented by the sender as "a (white) New York sex columnist." The photo of Bakos showed her to be another blue-eyed blonde, with a face even sweeter (believe it or not) than Klum's. Bakos's column, appearing in the New York Press, is titled "A White Woman Explains Why She Prefers Black Men," and the promo quote pulled from it is, "How many white men can treat a woman like a lady and ravish her too?" Naturally, the members of the mail list voiced strong reactions to Bakos's piece as well. But the man who prepared the entire Klum package described the column as being "in parts outlandish and stereotypical, at other times right on point." I agree, and here, I think, is where Bakos puts her bullet in the ten ring:

Black men have something white guys don't have anymore: confidence in their masculinity, their sexuality. They clearly know they're men. White men appear to be waiting for the latest sociological research study to let them know if they are men or not.
I myself have sensed some of this, mostly on the basis of my love for the movies. (I trust that my readers understand by now that I am strongly heterosexual.) I have zero interest in any black actress, regardless of talent, but the same is not true in respect to black actors, though I do require that they be talented. Some of my favorite actors are Negro, with Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Samuel Jackson ranking very high on my list. It's because most of the non-geriatric white actors I see these days strike me as boys, if not girlie-boys, while the Big Negroes are palpably men. One reason for that is that black men enjoy higher testosterone levels, typically, than white men, as well as stronger and denser muscles. (Black women typically display higher testosterone levels and greater musculature than white women, which probably accounts for much of my alienation from the former.) But testosterone and mesomorphism are not everything; and they loom as large as they do only in view of something I may have mentioned before, namely, the white cultural collapse.

Males are receding from our society and from our civilization. Fifty-eight percent of today's college students are female, and female students are now earning 58 percent of master's degrees. Look at the pictures of your local high school's valedictorian and salutatorian this spring; chance are they're both female. Take a look also at the winners of non-athletic college scholarships or the members of the National Honor Society; chances are you'll find that two-thirds of them are girls. [2] Boys are much more likely than girls to suffer from such behavioral and developmental oddities as autism, dyslexia, and ADHD, and while that seems always to have been so (insofar as the conditions have always really existed), the situation is hardly improving; and I can't help but suspect that some very early cultural poisoning contributes to it.

It is my impression that black boys suffer from developmental problems at least as often as white boys do, but blacks are not responsible for carrying forward our civilization, or equipped to do so even in the absence of special disorders. Moreover, the Authorities inject all kinds of artificial self-esteem into the black boys under their control, while making plain, as they have made plain for decades, that it is not good or progressive or fashionable to be either a white boy or a white man.

As the younger generations of white males recede from responsibility and high achievement, they resort to affectations of manliness that are wholly fantastic (as seen in the young-male obsession with video and computer games) or just brutish. We can understand why so many of them seek so desperately to imitate tough, self-confident blacks from the degenerate NBA or the dystopia of gangsta rap; but we can also understand why they are going to fail.

They just don't have what it takes to be a real Negro.

May 17, 2007

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1. After I posted the column, a correspondent tipped me that, according to Wikipedia, an Italian ex-boyfriend of Klum's is the father of her white daughter. But the Wiki article on Klum makes no mention at all of the German husband, despite the fact that his wedding to Klum was televised. This entire matter seems endlessly, bottomlessly, and hopelessly recondite.

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2. Recently I opined in these pages that 80 percent of college students ought really to be enrolled in voc-ed training centers. I stand by that, but it is still legitimate to investigate the composition of the class that is being educated, whether they are being educated well or badly. Given the structure of our society, those with credentials to display tend to achieve greater material success, including decision-making authority at various levels. One thinks of the Ivy League, which offers very bad educations in non-scientific disciplines but very good Wall Street-networking opportunities in those very same disciplines.

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