March 29, 2008

Strakon Lights Up

Diversity training

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Minister Jeremiah Wright has done us a service, and I'm not referring here to those of his foreign-policy pronouncements with which I find myself in agreement. No, I'm referring to his contribution — and that of his Afro-church — to diversity training, rightly understood.

Although employers, schools, and other institutions under the thumb of the System force everyone within reach to attend their mind-adjustment sessions, we all know that whites are really the target of such re-education. We must adjust to non-whites, homosexuals, and other aliens; they are not expected to adjust to us. But Minister Wright's unintended diversity training has also targeted whites — in spades, we might say. And as a result, some whites may wind up being adjusted in an unintended direction.

It's funny about whites — most whites, that is. As Jared Taylor has recently showed in his brilliant and extensively researched series in American Renaissance, "Integration Has Failed," millions of whites across the country have silently and implicitly resisted the coercive amalgamation that our rulers have engineered and attempted to enforce over the past half-century. (Many non-whites have resisted it, too.) That resistance is revealed in where whites live, where they send their children to school, and where they go to church.

However, judging from the apparent shock in white quarters upon exposure to the goings-on in Minister Wright's (and St. Barack's) Afro-church, I conclude that many whites' resistance is implicit even to themselves. That is, they resist thinking explicitly about their resistance even as they pursue it.

But widely reported news stories, especially if supported by powerful sounds and images, may break through whites' mental evasions, refusals to focus, self-delusions. At present I harbor an image of my own — of soccerite whites, long fled to leafy suburbs, and resistant hitherto to explicit race realism, gasping in disbelief when exposed to Minister Wright's furious roarings: "Why, he sounds like Hitler!" And asking each other: "How much of that sort of thing goes on in these black churches that we know so little about?"

It's a start.

Most whites will probably never hear that "it's 18 times more common for a black to kill a white than for a white to kill a black" (Prof. Donald Templar, "Costs of Ignoring Group Differences," 2004 American Renaissance Conference). Or that black men, as a group, are more than 17 times as likely to rape white women than white men are to rape black women (The Color of Crime, New Century Foundation, 2005; figures for 2001-03). Even if they do hear such figures, racially insensible whites may reject them out of hand as outlandish or just too painful to contemplate. But such evasion is more difficult when the telescreen displays images of Eve Carson and Lauren Burk, still living, smiling, looking forward to life. And, then, displays images of the creatures who slaughtered them.

The shock, disgust, and grief provoked by those images are a start, too.

True, we are very much in medias res. That is, over the years the established media have reported other incendiary racial stories. Even if the media have ignored, covered up, or de-racialized most of the actual atrocities, such as the Long Island Railroad Massacre, the Atlanta Courthouse Massacre, the Wichita Massacre, the Knoxville Horror, and the continuing murder, torture, and mutilation of white farmers and their families in southern Africa, some of the anti-white atrociousness has still leaked through the filter.* For example, the crimes of Bobby Cutts in Canton, Ohio, actually received extensive coverage from mainstream organs, and pictures of his white victim, Jessie Davis, were aired for all to see.

If the incendiary events that the media have been willing to cover in the past have failed to induce soccerite whites to explicitly confront racial differences, how hopeful are we entitled to be about the effect of the latest ones?

Well, hope springs infernal, I always say. In any case we race realists need to do our part to help Minister Wright foster the diversity training of our fellow whites from this point forward. We must do everything we can, at every opportunity, to expose and emphasize racial differences. Instead of working to "bring us together," we must do everything we can to drive us apart — apart, that is, from unassimilable and ultraviolent colored minorities.

Not all of us can achieve the physical separation that some soccerites enjoy — and even they don't always enjoy complete separation, in their travels and in their employment — but we can all achieve mental separation. Mental separation is a necessary precondition for a thoroughgoing physical separation, though it is true that achieving the latter goal would require getting leviathan out of the way, no doubt a dream and fantasy. But mental separation is worthwhile in itself. Even under the present totalitarianism, it has the power to save lives.

As other writers have pointed out, Obama chose the Negro path to power. Instead of sinking into what one commentator calls the "racial blurriness" available to "multi-racial" types in Hawaii, he emphasized his Negro identity. He went into Chicago's Negro slums to engage in left-wing "community organizing," no doubt at the expense of white taxpayers. He joined the Afro-church, and stayed with it for 20 years.

It all worked for him, up to a point. Now it is apparent that he should have faded from that scene earlier than he did — well before beginning his public march toward the Presidential Palace. Those more generous than I may argue that Obama's bad timing reveals that he's not as much of a sociopath as most pols are: that he sincerely stayed loyal to the "communuh-TEE." I think it's more likely that he just overestimated the mental disability of many whites.

We can disagree on that. But it would be ironic indeed, and a happy turnabout, if the presidential candidate whom the System has assigned to minimize racial differences ended up maximizing those differences in the eyes of the "public," i.e., middle-class and "working" class whites.

How heart-warming it would be if some of the whites who have voted with their feet now elected to blaze a new trail with their mind, too.

And I don't mean one that would lead them to vote for Bombs Away McCain.

March 29, 2008

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* Colin Ferguson's mass-murdering rampage on the Long Island Railroad, in 1993, is a good example of what I mean by "de-racialized." His crimes made headlines, but their racial aspects did not. Instead, the media used the massacre to promote — an even more drastic disarmament of the people! And in a development that one may describe as maximally obscene, a white woman whose husband was butchered and son badly wounded was elected to Congress on a platform of disarmament.

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