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Dates shown here are dates of posting. All blurbs are by Nicholas Strakon.


April 12 and 18, 2013

Senior editor Ronn Neff's article of March 28, "Gunplay," has elicited comments by a reader, which in turn have prompted replies by Mr. Neff.

February 14, 2012

Senior editor Ronn Neff comments on Andy Nowicki's column of February 12, "The Obama contraception tyranny."

My Strakon Lights Up column of February 11, "Why they hate religion — or Christianity, at least," attracted comment from a reader and in return moved me to expand on a certain question.

January 26, 2012Dr. Joseph Audie's article of January 12, "We're so wonderful!", has prompted a reader to comment.

January 7, 2012Henry Gallagher Fields's January 4 essay on Ron Paul sparked what for us is an avalanche of reader mail. Mr. Fields and I provide what we trust are appropriate and helpful replies.

June 14, 2011 — A young reader surveys our broken liberty and the moonscape of our civilization, and asks, "What do we do?"  I offer a response that I hope is only preliminary.

October 21, 2010Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski's tribute to the late Joe Sobran has prompted a reader to offer some adverse criticism of Joe, and Ronn Neff, our senior editor, comments in turn. TLD readers have also chimed in.

Update — October 27, 2010Our reader replies to the comments of Mr. Neff and our readers; and I comment on that reply.
August 27, 2010David T. Wright's essay of June 9, "Rolling flatulence" has elicited a blast from a reader, and that, in turn, has elicited some replies.

April 16, 2010 — A reader of Dr. Joseph Audie's essay "Standard American doublethink: Maxims and anti-maxims" asks a question and receives an answer from Dr. Audie as well as a brief comment from me.

March 27, 2008Dr. F. Roger Devlin's review-essay "The feminine sexual counter-revolution and its limitations" provokes comments from a reader, and Dr. Devlin replies. I chime in, too.

October 11, 2007 — A reader offers Ronn Neff a kudos for his Addendum to his 2002 exchange with Jacob Hornberger on libertarian activism.

October 10, 2007 — In July 2007, a reader of Ronn Neff's 1998 article "Realism does not equal defeatism" posed a question to Mr. Neff. I am grateful to that reader for prompting our senior editor to produce one of his most penetrating and magnificent essays, which I am proud to publish today.

I have placed the letter and the essay on separate pages, but I have of course interlinked them.

The letter

Mr. Neff's reply: "Think globally, act individually"

June 24, 2007 — Starting out with praise for some of Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski's writings, a reader soon takes a sharp turn that evokes a response.

May 18, 2007 — An old friend of TLD takes me to task for my Strakon Lights Up column of May 18, "Heidi and the African." Other readers offer their thoughts, too, and I provide some comment of my own.

April 28, 2007 — A reader objects to Douglas Olson's racial analysis in his column on New Orleans, and Mr. Olson replies. I also horn in, and senior editor Ronn Neff offers a comment as well (April 29).