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"Free" press is hitman for St. Barack


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How utterly convenient that the Barack Obama passport "scandal" should break just when he desperately needed to re-establish his "victim" status following two disastrous weeks of plummeting poll numbers in the wake of revelations that his pastor and mentor was a foaming-at-the-mouth black racist!

Can anyone imagine a white person declaring: "Yes, I knew David Duke for 20 years, and considered him my spiritual advisor — but I had no idea he was a racist!" The sniggers (can we still use that word?) from the reporters and newsreaders would totally drown out such a foolish and pitiful denial, and rightfully so.

The passport "scandal," a tired old retread from the 1992 Clinton campaign, when someone at the State Department allegedly sneaked a peek at Bill's application for a passport to travel to Moscow in the 1960s and protest against his country, was supposed to rouse Americans to tears and fears about the safety of everyone's "personal information." And also, of course, to generate sympathy for poor, put-upon Obama, who has already suffered so unbearably just by being a Negro in America.

In typical melodramatic style, an Obama campaign spokesman denounced the matter as "an outrageous breach of security and privacy, even from an administration that has shown little regard for either over the last eight years." But when it came out just hours later that both Hillary Clinton and John McCain had also had their passport information illicitly accessed, the story immediately faded away. If it can't help Obama get a corner on victimhood, then the story is no longer news. What the incident actually did was reinforce the persistent pattern of the mass media in running interference for their favorite mulatto.

First, the story was ludicrous on its face. Go to the State Department Website and look at a passport application. There is no "personal" information demanded except a Social Security number. One's birthdate, address, phone numbers, height and weight, eye color, parents' names, employer, and marital status are all public information. Even one's birth certificate can be obtained by anyone from the locality or state in which the subject was born. The flap was much ado about absolutely nothing, as it was in 1992.

Where was the media's same desperate concern when the Clintons obtained untold thousands of FBI files on prominent Americans — in clear violation of the law — in 1993? Oh, no, that was just a "mistake" (or thousands of "mistakes"). Nothing to get alarmed about. No reporters dare speculate on how much of that secret and potentially scandalous information is being used today to "encourage" Democratic super-delegates to support Hillary over the uppity Negro, or how many millions it has brought the Clintons in "campaign contribution" blackmail and Clinton library "donations" over the past decade and a half.

Until he faced Hillary, Obama had never encountered any serious opposition in an election, had never been forced to take a real political punch — because his hired guns and lickspittle admirers in the press had always done the dirty work for him.

When Saint Barack decided to run for the U.S. Senate, he was challenged in the 2004 Democratic primary by wealthy former securities trader M. Blair Hull, who led the upstart Negro in the early polls. One of Obama's political hitmen was (and still is today) David Axelrod, who had been a columnist for the Chicago Tribune and an advisor to the political scum of the Earth — Bill and Hillary Clinton, current Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, New York Attorney General (and, briefly, Governor) Elliot Spitzer, white renegade and two-time presidential-nomination loser John Edwards (D-N.C.), and Rep. Rahm Emmanuel (D-Ill.), who was an Israeli citizen until he came to work for the Clinton White House in the 1990s.

The Chicago Tribune and WLS-TV sued to open Hull's sealed divorce records, and got a local judge to obligingly give them a look — as if it were any of their or the public's business. After it was revealed that Mrs. Hull had sought a restraining order against her husband, and Hull "essentially admitted to having abused her," his 10-point lead disappeared and he quickly dropped out of the race.

As if the connection is not already obvious enough, Chicago-based blogger "Cao" wrote on February 4, 2007:

The Tribune finally admitted that it was Axelrod and the Obama campaign that brought pressure on the press to demand the unsealing of M. Blair Hull's divorce records, which had their contents leaked to media outlets by the Obama campaign even earlier. The Obama campaign also helped orchestrate a demonstration by women's groups demanding Hull's withdrawal from the race. Coincidentally, this was the same weekend Obama's first commercials hit the airwaves.... ("Axelrod paved the way for Obama," Cao's Blog)
After Jack Ryan, a multimillionaire former Goldman Sachs partner, entered the GOP race to oppose the Magic Negro, he and his ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan, agreed to make their divorce records public. But the same Obama-enthralled media hit team of the Tribune and WLS-TV convinced California Judge Robert Schnider to also pry open the couple's child-custody files, which another court had sealed in the best interest of their son. (Remember that the next time Obama pontificates about how much he cares for "the children.")

The "smoking gun" in that record was Jeri Ryan's charge that Jack Ryan had taken her to a sex club in Paris and tried to get her, his trophy wife, to have sex with him in front of other people there. She refused. Although the charge was never substantiated — in fact, the judge demonstrated his apparent disbelief of her claim by awarding Jack additional custody rights after hearing Jeri's testimony — the media used it to successfully manufacture a "scandal" about a GOP candidate's not having sex with his own wife! [*]

As usual, sanctimonious blue-nosed Republicans such as Rep. Ray LaHood (R- Ill.) stood ready and eager to eat their own, and immediately demanded that Ryan quit the race. He dropped out barely a week after winning the GOP primary, leaving Obama unopposed except for the Negro clown Alan Keyes, who had to be imported from Maryland after all other Illinois Republicans chickened out.

So, what about Obama's own sexual side? Watching the never-ending spectacle of glassy-eyed white girls gone wild for this mulatto, and knowing the Negro libido and psyche, one finds it almost impossible to believe that he has never taken advantage of his opportunities.

We do know that a young gentleman of color is claiming to have had a sexual encounter with Saint Barack in 1999 and that he can't get the time of day from any mass media outlet in the country. He has offered to take a lie-detector test, but no newspaper or TV outlet will sponsor such "research." He may well be a lying nutcase, but one thing is absolutely certain:

There is significantly more to this — a living witness, for instance — than to the totally unsourced, undocumented, and still-unproven allegations of a George W. Bush drunk-driving arrest, which obsessed the press in the weeks before the 2000 election and resulted in literally thousands of stories specifically designed to sabotage his election. And there is also far more to it than the crudely forged Texas National Guard documents used by CBS and, to a lesser degree, the rest of the drive-by media to try to ruin Bush during the 2004 election.

Any charge, no matter how obviously false and flimsy, against an even vaguely conservative Republican gets unlimited publicity. But, because Obama is a socialist, a Democrat, and — especially — a Negro, ten angels swearing and carrying signed affidavits from Moses, Buddha, and Mohammed couldn't get any "mainstream" media outlet to seriously investigate a charge against him.

May 8, 2008

© 2008 by Douglas Olson. All rights reserved.

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* See my column "Sex and the stupid Republicans," The Olson file, November 4, 2006.

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