Other writings

In this department, you will find pieces by TLD regulars and irregulars that don't fit in other departments, as well as pieces by our honored guests and by those who have, alas, lapsed from contributing to TLD.


You may have caught the occasional pungent observation by Edward Morrison Morley in our "Stop and think" space on the home page. Now I'm delighted to post his first full-length article at TLD. Mr. Morley examines some news reports appearing recently in a leading Organ of Information Security, and along the way he commits some satire. (That's not actually a federal felony yet, is it?) [Nicholas Strakon]

"The News Behind the News Behind the News That Fits." (July 12, 2021)

A guest writer who I hope will become a regular writer for TLD, Cooper Sterling, ably evaluates Tom Tancredo's February 2009 speech at American University: "Tom Tancredo and assimilation." The motley crew of lads and lassies in his audience seem to have taken Tancredo for an extremist, but as Mr. Sterling's analysis demonstrates, they need to widen their horizons. (March 1, 2009)

Another guest writer whom I trust we'll hear from again is the courageous Kevin Lamb, former editor of both The Occidental Quarterly and Human Events. Here is his thoughtful essay, "The nation we've lost: Twilight of Middle America," written shortly after the election of Obama. (November 26, 2008)

A TLD writer who is both former (alas!) and also our most popular ever, Miss Virginia Dare confected columns both hilarious and thought-provoking for our print edition, 1994-98, and for our Website, 2001-05:

Virginia Dare's "Clutch of Nettles"

In 2007, Richard Wilkins applied his sharp pen to certain congressional goings-on, and I ran his pitiless observations on a single page under the standing title "Fools on the Hill."

In 2001-03, Gilbert Porter Blythe wrote four excellent pieces for us on American and Zionist imperialism that attracted more than their share of hate mail.

Our great friend Sam Francis, who died so untimely in 2005, was gracious enough to permit us to post five of his columns from 2003. Dr. Francis's contents page also includes a link to Sarah Knox Taylor's tribute to him after his death.

I suppose it's only because we've sunk even deeper into obscurity, and not because we're inherently any less hateful, that I haven't had occasion lately to add an entry to our Department of Hate; but in any case I decided in early 2009 to demote the department here to our "Other" section.

Malcolm Reynolds wrote four excellent pieces for us in 2004 and 2005. Here's his contents page.

As you'll see from my editor's note, I've wanted to get a discussion like this going since I founded TLD. If it takes off, it probably will come as close to being a continuing "blog" as anything you'll ever see at our site. Enough said: "Stand, children of the West!" (December 30, 2005)

Sarah Knox Taylor returns, in the immediate wake of Hurricane Katrina, with this eloquent appreciation of a New Orleans that we fear has been obliterated: "Rappaccini's daughter: A eulogy." (September 6, 2005)

Back in the days of the print version of TLD, we always celebrated the arrival of an article by Sarah Knox Taylor, that stalwart and eloquent daughter of the South. Now we celebrate again, upon the posting of Miss Taylor's first writing for the TLD Website — but at the same time, the occasion pierces our heart: "Death of a pilgrim." (March 12, 2005)

A final exchange of views on racial matters between our Belgian reader and one of his American interlocutors was posted February 6, 2004.

A Belgian reader poses some questions about race, and Ronn Neff, Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski, and Nicholas Strakon offer some thoughts by way of reply. Don't miss the concluding exchange between Neff and Strakon. (November 28)

A featured letter to the editor on democracy from TLD reader Jack Dennon was posted November 22.

David T. Wright, Ronn Neff, and Nicholas Strakon all participated in our "Encounter with a reader on war and empire." Some friends of TLD got their two cents in, too. Posted April 30, 2003.

In a guest article that TLD is honored to publish, Dr. Tomislav Sunic — writer on public affairs, former professor, and former diplomat — shows how "Intellectual terrorism," official and unofficial, works both in Europe and America. (Dr. Sunic may be familiar to readers of Chronicles magazine.) (April 10)

I've collected here five pieces by former TLD writer Duke O. Erle, all posted in 2002.

Senior editor Ronald N. Neff has criticized libertarian electoral activism in many of his writings. Now Libertarian editor/publisher and Senate candidate Jacob G. Hornberger nails five questions onto Mr. Neff's door. And Mr. Neff answers. (February 3, 2002)

In a "public-domain" article that TLD has picked up at his invitation, Edgar J. Steele explains his justifiable "Air rage." You've probably seen the accompanying graphic by now, but if you just can't get enough of it, here it is again. (November 30, 2001)

From TLD 14: Historical writer Phil Collier's succinct but powerful (and very timely) "Limited-government empire: A confederacy of oxymorons" has been posted. (November 14, 2001)

Voluntaryist editor Carl Watner's introduction to Ronn Neff's article "I'm Spartacus." Reprinted by permission. (October 23, 2001)